SMB Express Q4 ‘Porsche experience – accelerate your business’

Where and when? Old Peugeot sites, Nivelles, 21 May 2019

Tech Data partners and vendors came together to enjoy a spectacular SMB Express Q4 incentive on a rather cloudy Tuesday.
There was no lack of horsepower, but how do you deal with all this speed in a responsible manner? Official Porsche experience trainers guaranteed an extremely instructive training course. Participants and Porsches were divided into three groups, each with its own instructor, who coached the participants, leading them through each set of exercises as best as possible.


“The Porsche Turbo, 911, Cayman, Cayenne; they were all there. Not to mention the 992; what a powerful machine.”

The sun came out as the large group of Tech Data partners and vendors started the first exercises.

At noon, the participants made a pit stop and enjoyed a delicious meal. It was the ideal moment to catch up in an informal setting. The day flew by and the group caught up on the sensational experiences at the end. The best drivers were rewarded and everyone received a certificate as a souvenir of this beautiful day.


“Some days, you just can’t wait to get to work. This was one of those days.” – Patrick Steenssens


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