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The world is becoming more and more service-oriented and when it comes to financing IT purchases it is no different. Instead of owning IT assets that are being depreciated, organizations can also simply lease or rent their IT solutions for a certain period of time. This makes it much easier for many end customers to take advantage of the latest technologies and at the same time pay less.

Tech Data can help you with smart leasing and financing solutions for any type of IT project.

With a solution tailored to your needs! After all, there are no ready-made solutions for the choice of financing. Project requirements, payback periods, cash flow and accounting preferences must always be carefully considered.

With our financing tools, we help you to determine the right form of financing. Our team of experienced financial experts will then help you choose from our broad portfolio of financing solutions. As a global IT distributor, we work with the leading financial services companies in the IT industry. This gives you extra flexibility you won’t find anywhere else. In addition, our team guides you through all stages of the process, from quotation and contract to supplier acceptance and payment.

We are no extra link, but thanks to our broad portfolio and the cooperation with financial service providers in the IT sector, we can make a pre-selection and offer the financial solution tailored to your project or customer! In addition, we are your single point of contact and we take care of all the work for you, from drawing up the quotation to ensuring that your invoice is paid quickly.

Steven De Ridder (Finance Solutions Manager, Tech Data): We are therefore happy to challenge you: Involve leasing and financing opportunities in your projects and make use of our financial services and then you can complete your deals faster and more successfully!

With Tech Data’s Finance Solutions, you open the door to a world of more business opportunities!

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