Key IT Infrastructure topics for 2018

There is a major shift towards all-flash and software-defined storage on its way! Time to have a closer look at those technology switches.

2018 will be the year where the shift towards all-flash storage and software-defined will continue to become more important. All-flash technology has an impact on “data access infrastructure” as existing technologies and standards are unable to leverage the high transfer speed enabled by flash storage media. And the Software-Defined concept will require a new sales approach as customers will move from “building infrastructure” to “buying infrastructure”!

To enable you to articulate the advantages of Dell EMC solutions to your clients leveraging those important changes, Tech Data has compiled a number of links to short introduction video’s.

  • On the technology side: to take advantage of the low-latency data access capabilities of all-flash storage solutions, a re-architecture of the (storage) network and protocol is required: NVMe will be an important enabler for this. Watch this 6’ short introduction to NVMe-over Fibre channel:
  • On the architecture side: software defined storage and -datacenter has ultimately enabled deployments of cloud datacenters – from “construct to consume”:

As an extra, you may want to invest an extra 15 mins in understanding Blockchain. Another technology that may become a game changer when building IT solutions for new and existing service offerings.

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