Dell EMC promotions: up to -30% discount

And it gets better…
They are now all available on stock!

Good News! Tech Data is investing in a huge inventory of Dell EMC servers with matching add-ons!

Up to -€200 on PowerEdge Servers
Selected Server models are available at unseen special pricing.

-10% on PowerEdge Server options
The most popular base server configurations can be complemented with CPU, Memory and HDD options at a reduced cost. In average 10% discount is applied on most popular add-on’s on InTouch.

Up to -€200 on Microsoft Windows Server 2016
Buy a server + Windows Server 2016 Essentials or Windows Server 2016 Standard and get €100 or €200 additional discount

– €40 on Pro-Support upgrades
On selected Pro-Support upgrades for those servers, a €40 discount is applied!


How to get your ideal configuration in 3 steps?
1. Download the offline configurator here
2. Configure your server + add-ons
3. Order the configuration items (configurator output) on InTouch

Your configuration of choice will be delivered the next day!

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