Meet readiness requirements such as GDPR with a digital workspace platform to secure your enterprise mobility

Essential to securing a perimeter-less enterprise is understanding the risk posture of devices seeking access to enterprise apps and SaaS. In the modern digital workspace, the preferred device for accessing enterprise resources is increasingly a smartphone or tablet.

By using the right mobile threat detection software, organizations can easily identify these potential threats, vulnerabilities, and compromising configuration issues across the key mobile risk vectors: app, device, network, web & content.

In addition to these recognition benefits, enterprises can expect increased employee productivity and efficiency, while feeling confident that company assets, including data, intellectual property, and sensitive employee information remain safe from malicious attacks and threats.

Here are a couple real-world scenarios of how a strong mobile security solution works:

Control access based on threats from malicious apps. When malicious apps such as malware are detected on an organization’s devices, the company can block devices from accessing corporate assets, including corporate email, cloud services, network folders and company apps, until the threat is resolved.

Control access based on threats to network. When threats to an enterprise network such as man-in-the-middle attacks (MITM) are detected, the organization can protect access to WiFi networks based on specific device risk.

Control access based on compliance of mobile apps. When an app that engages in a behavior that violates a corporate or compliance policy (e.g., sending data to an unauthorized cloud service) is present on a device, the organization can restrict access to corporate resources until the device is brought back into compliance.

Lookout to expand alliance with VMWare Workspace ONE

As a new partner in The Trust Network working together with VMWare, Lookout is continuing its commitment to push secure enterprise mobility forward. The synergy between the two allows organizations to get visibility into the entire spectrum of mobile risk, apply policies to measurably reduce that risk, and do it all from a cohesive and integrated platform.

For more information on Lookout and its integration with VMWare, contact your security sales specialist at Tech Data.

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