The IoT on Wheels roadshow and why you should join us on May 25th

IoT on Wheels is a roadshow designed to make IoT solutions far more accessible for channel partners and their customers.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the way we live and work. I’ve even heard it said that organisations who ignore IoT risk going the same way as the dinosaurs!  Those leading the market in this field are already innovating in incredible ways to give their organisations a clear and unique advantage over their competitors, displaying the real-world business value of IoT. For those who can effectively leverage IoT, the business potential is enormous; in almost every industry there are processes, functions, products and services that can be transformed by the application of IoT technologies.

IoT can be a difficult technology to introduce to an IT provider or an end customer, because it is so transformational and it requires a very broad range of deep technical skills. Tech Data’s mantra is to connect the world with the power of technology. So to stay true to this brand promise, we’ve done something pretty cool. We’ve developed an innovative range of production-ready IoT solutions. We’ve invested thousands of man hours in upfront development and engineering. The solutions we’ve created just need sizing and a small amount of customising to the deployed environment, along with implementation. This gives all our customers immediate access to resell a number of exciting IoT solutions and wrap around services. I bet you’d like to know what they are? Well, I can give you an overview (you’ll need to come to the show to find out the details):

Retail – Retailers are using IoT to more effectively manage their inventory, allowing for better reporting of stock levels and better supply chain effectiveness. In store, IoT is being used to personalise the customer experience, increasing brand awareness and loyalty. Elsewhere, the remote management of refrigeration is allowing food retailers to meet regulatory requirements more easily, whilst reducing the number of spoiled goods and increasing energy efficiency.

Manufacturing – In manufacturing, IoT has found widespread use for predictive maintenance. IoT sensors attached to all manner of inputs and outputs provide near real-time information on machine performance, tracking the wear of parts and alerting engineers to unusual circumstances that indicate a fault, even automatically correcting the performance fault in some instances. All of this drives efficiency savings for manufacturers, reducing manufacturing defects and preventing costly and disruptive unplanned maintenance, whilst improving productivity.

Transport and logistics – In transport and logistics, IoT can help fleet operators in a number of ways. Data from IoT trackers can be used to improve route efficiency, driving operating efficiencies and reducing the environmental impact. Moreover, IoT sensors can monitor the security and whereabouts of vehicles, helping to reduce insurance premiums and improve incident response.

Smart spaces – IoT is transforming our built spaces and facilities. IoT sensors can maintain more comfortable environments, whilst ensuring the most efficient use of energy – even automatically turning lights off or shutting down parts of a building when people have left – reducing costs for building operators. Being able to remotely switch off power to machinery or areas of a building based on a set of rules can also drastically reduce the risk of fire. Moreover, using IoT in facilities such as car parks can improve the customer experience by saving them time looking for spaces and offering flexible pricing based on demand.

This spring we want to help you capitalise on the IoT opportunity. Our IoT experts are keen to help you skill up and work in partnership with you to deliver successful IoT solutions. Everything you need will be at our IoT on Wheels Roadshow 2018, which will be travelling across Europe. I can’t stress enough, this roadshow represents the best way for IT providers to better understand how to add compelling IoT solutions to their portfolios.

Your next decision is an important one. Do you want to help your customers become market leaders in their respective fields, or go the way of the dinosaurs?

Thought so. You have to register prior to the event, so you’ll want to do that here.

Keep up to date with the roadshow by following the #IoTonWheels hashtag on Twitter.

See you then! 

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