How can IoT drive greater efficiencies in your transport and logistics business?

Home to the ‘capital of Europe’, Belgium is also home to a thriving transport and logistics industry. An increasingly competitive market, local businesses must combat the challenges of globalisation and consolidation, pressures on profitability, and ensure the highest efficiency to meet increasingly strict environmental and government regulations.

What are the challenges?

Transport and logistics operators typically have lots of high value assets out on operations at any one time, without knowing their precise location or safety. At the same time customers demand prompt deliveries and visibility of their supply chain so they can better plan their own activities.

These and many other challenges faced by logistics companies can be lessened by the implementation of IoT solutions. However, there are few businesses that can justify the time and cost needed to develop a specialist IoT team to create, deploy and manage such solutions. This is particularly true in Belgium, where the prevalence of small and medium businesses means that there is little scope for enterprise scale IoT projects.

How IoT is helping here and now.

Tech Data and its partners, including Vodafone, Advantech and Entopy, are poised to step in to support Belgium’s transportation operators. Having already worked with numerous transport and logistics companies, Tech Data has developed a high-tech portfolio of production ready IoT devices and systems. These solutions help transport companies know exactly where all their trucks are, the condition of the vehicles themselves and the goods they are carrying. For a transport company, it gives them real-time information across the entire fleet that can be viewed from a single dashboard. More-over, by using intelligent analytics, alerts can be set when the system senses something is out of the ordinary. For instance you could use this for predictive maintenance when it comes to vehicles transporting refrigerated goods, and avoid costly breakdowns. Also, you can simplify and shorten vehicle routes, reduce the risk of theft and respond to problems faster. Armed with powerful information, transport and logistics companies are making better business and operational decisions, which of course improves efficiency, reduces cost, minimises the environmental impact and improves safety.

Experiencing IoT that will work for you.

In addition to transport and logistics IoT solutions, Tech Data has built several other production ready IoT solutions for other vertical industries. Tech Data has worked with partners – including Microsoft, Cisco, Vodafone and Schneider – to develop a range of production ready IoT solutions that you can take advantage of today. These can be easily customised and deployed by businesses, providing them with the chance to take advantage of IoT technologies without the development costs. Moreover, Tech Data and its partners are ready to help with the ongoing management of these solutions, ensuring they deliver positive business outcomes without unnecessary cost and hassle to businesses.

For those looking to take the next step in IoT adoption, the ‘IoT on Wheels’ roadshow events are a must attend, giving you access to the expertise and solutions that can digitally transform your business operations.

With just a single stop in Brussels on the 25th May, places for the event are incredibly limited. If you want to register your interest, then you can do so here.

You can follow the #IoTonWheels as it travels across Europe on Twitter!

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