Enhance your experience with the Fujitsu Scanner series

Fujitsu ScanSnap
Digitize all sorts of documents with ScanSnap. With your papers, business cards, magazine clippings


neatly organized as digital data, say goodbye to messy desks and filing cabinets, and hello to easy
information searches.
Create a searchable PDF file with the touch of a button and make your life easier.
Automatic Wi-Fi detection, Recognition of color, High scanning performance, Quick menu productivity.
These are only some of the many functions that the Fujitsu ScanSnaps have to offer.
Fujitsu Image Scanners

  • Versatile: Entry point into professional document management
  • Resourceful: Purpose built with impressive software suite for efficiency gains
  • Reliable: Intuitively and dependably converts physical documents to digital format
  • Convenient: Simple and easy to use design, ideal for desktop placement

Cost effective high performance means you can achieve more in less time. Remove your backlog of documents and transform mixed batches of different thicknesses and sizes including plastic cards into high quality images. Fujitsu scanners are renowned for their highly reliable paper handling capabilities and these help remove image capture disruptions to reduce document management overheads.



Fujitsu fi Series Scanners
Business document scanners need to digitize large quantities of documents including contracts, public documents, and bills of receipt at high speeds for maximum efficiency. Fujitsu fi-series Image Scanners are the most suitable to meet this demand.
  • Compact design allowing it to be placed anywhere
  • Fast processing performance
  • Accurate mixed batch scanning for different types of documents
  • Automatically creates optimal suited image quality without hassle

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