Prominent presence of Tech Data @ the biggest LAN-party in Belgium

On Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd of March we were proud to welcome 40 clients, who have won this quarter’s td.Gaming incentive, for the most exclusive VIP Gaming experience on Frag-o-Matic 21.0, Belgium’s biggest LAN-party!


Of course we couldn’t have done this without the help of our partners: AOC, Gigabyte, PNY, Samsung, Trust, Western Digital and our epic sponsor Intel. Together we were able to set up everything as befits a true gaming area so that our VIP’s could experience a great day. Next to our VIP gaming area for the 40 winners, we had a demo area in which every FoM visitor could experience the fantastic gaming products of our sponsoring vendors.

A big thanks for the tickets this weekend. My team was tremendously enthusiast about it. It seems they had a great time. Thanks for the lovely gift!”


At the start of the event, we were all greeted with a glass of bubbles upon arrival in the reserved td.Gaming VIP Lounge. Once we got acquainted with the rest of the team, we each took our place in the state of the art gaming rigs, powered by the best & latest technology available in the gaming market. After a few test rounds and remapping some keys, we were ready to rock and engaged on the FoM CS:GO Arms race servers open to everyone of the 1.000 FoM visitors, some of which are the absolute elite in Europe. Needless to say, every round was a very intensive battle, but a few of us managed to end up in the top 5!

I demand a rematch!”

After the high speed craziness of Counter Strike Global Offensive Arms race and a refreshing drink in our lounge, we took on the challenge for a more tactical 1 vs all compo on Playerunknown’s Battleground. In this setup, 80 players jump from a plane to land on an island, without any gear or weapons, and you must try and find all the gear to get ready for battle. The playing area reduces in time, so there’s no point in hiding. 1-by-1 the number of survivors reduce until at the end, the last (wo)man standing wins. You read that correctly, we even had some females engage in the heat of our battles! After all competition madness had gone, we focused on somewhat more fun compo’s such as Rocket League & Apex Legends and kept on gaming well into the night.

A big thanks for yesterday, most fun I had in a long time!”


Sounds like fun? Well it was! If you don’t want to take our word on this, just read the reactions of our lucky winners in the quotes throughout this blog post.

“Now this is what I call real VIP!”


Download the pictures here!

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