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Interview NetApp: The public cloud never backs up. You have to do that yourself!

Backups are the basis to ensure that a company cannot lose data. It is a kind of insurance that is essential when disaster strikes. Data today is critical to any business, whether in the cloud, locally, or both. So, it’s high time to give those data the necessary attention.

You can easily drown in all the data management options on the market today. It goes far beyond just backups, though, according to Ties Beekhuis, Software Solutions Consultant at NetApp. “We provide uniform data management within multi-cloud environments. This not only applies within traditional data centres, but also via cloud partners, hosted environments, and public clouds. The software can help both large and small companies control the growth of data.”

Interview Check Point: SMEs are more vulnerable to cyberattacks than large companies

Every company has to be aware of IT security nowadays. 79 percent of SMEs are successfully attacked. 81 percent do not have a separate IT manager on the payroll. The average hack costs an SME 28,000 euros. High time to find out how to protect yourself.

A lot of today’s SMEs will be caught off guard when you ask them about their IT security plan. “A cyberattackis not relevant to me” is the most popular answer. “Well,” explains Laurent Vanderschrick, Channel Team Leader at Check Point, “it’s not a question of if it will happen, but when. Hackers are very creative and are always looking for data. These can be business secrets, but personal data is especially crucial given the GDPR legislation.”

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