Become Microsoft Cloud CSP partner with Tech Data

Did you know that Tech Data has its own Microsoft CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) partner program? It’s called Journey to the Cloud and has many opportunities and benefits!

The Microsoft CSP program enables partners to sell Microsoft Cloud products on a monthly subscription basis. As a partner you can directly provision, manage, and support your customer and integrate their own tools, products and services into one monthly customer bill.

Next to the business benefits you as a reseller have many other benefits as well, such as the chance to win incentives, several newsletters with the latest updates and news, a dedicated team at Tech Data that will help you grow your business, the possibility to join trainings and seminars, and many more!

Why you should start selling Microsoft cloud services

Selling cloud services to your customers allows you to build profit-rich monthly recurring revenue streams and bundle additional cloud services and offerings. It also allows you to position yourself as a trusted advisor to your customers selling more than just hardware and perpetual software licenses. The biggest advantage for your customers is that they move to monthly subscription or consumption-based billing. No more paying for a license a year, two years or three years up front. They can move to OpeX based purchases. This also means that line of business managers can now become IT purchasing decision makers.

Join the Journey to the Cloud with Tech Data

All the above arguments are not yet convincing you? Well, working with Tech Data Belgium gives you even more advantages!

  • 24/7 support
  • Several solutions specialists
  • A team of 10 people at your service, including sales and technical people
  • Free Webinars, events and trainings
  • Billing, provisioning and license management platform StreamOne
  • Customer Lifecycle Management
  • Incentives through Journey to the Cloud
  • Newsletters to keep you up to date
Convinced? Great, let’s get started immediately!

How can you become a CSP partner with Tech Data?

Step 1: Create a Tech Data Client Number by filling out the following form (click here), if you already have a Tech Data client number, please go to step 2.

Step 2: Create a Microsoft Partner Network ID (click here)

Step 3: Sign the CSP contract (click here)

Step 4: Start ordering through StreamOne (click here)

Step 5: Enjoy the selling and get a chance of winning incentives on our “Journey to the Cloud”-website

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us via mail

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