Microsoft 365 Business now also has Advanced Threat Protection, Data Loss prevention and Azure Information Protection Plan

Microsoft 365 Business is an integrated solution that combines the best productivity of Office 365 with advanced security and device management capabilities to help protect your business. Microsoft has recently added a number of top features to Microsoft 365 Business: Advanced Threat Protection, Data Loss prevention and Azure Information Protection Plan.

Advanced Threat Protection

Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) helps to protect your organization from malicious attacks by:

  • Scanning email attachments for malware with ATP Safe Attachments
  • Scanning web addresses (URLs) in email messages and Office documents with ATP Safe Links
  • Identifying and blocking malicious files in online libraries with ATP for SharePoint, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams
  • Checking email messages for unauthorized spoofing with spoof intelligence
  • Detecting when someone attempts to impersonate your users and your organization’s custom domains with ATP anti-phishing capabilities in Office 365

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Data Loss Prevention

With Data Loss Prevention tools, an end user cannot send sensitive information to an email address outside of your company domain, or to a public cloud storage service such as Dropbox or Google Drive. Any malicious or accidental attempt to send sensitive information out of your network will be blocked and logged.
Data loss prevention uses rules and policies to determine which files and data are considered confidential, critical, or sensitive and then to protect those files from being shared or transmitted. When these rules, policies, and protective measures are applied to Office 365, the aim is to prevent data loss from the Office 365 environment.

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Azure Information Protection

Azure Information Protection (sometimes referred to as AIP) is a cloud-based solution that helps an organization to classify and optionally, protect its documents and emails by applying labels. Labels can be applied automatically by administrators who define rules and conditions, manually by users, or a combination where users are given recommendations.

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