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Tech Data wants to make you comfortable!

To make your summer even more pleasant, we are giving away three Fatboy© Headdemocks. Oh yeah, you read that right! Dreaming the day away in the most comfortable hammock, with a cocktail in your hand and the sun on your face: it’s no longer far-away utopia. Visit, sign up and enjoy!


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SMB Insights Sophos: Cybersecurity software is evolving from product to service

Throughout the entire IT landscape, IT services are increasingly evolving from individual products to a service. IT management has become the responsibility of the manufacturer, meaning the reseller can focus more on the needs of the customer and providing everyone with better information. Cevi has utilised McAfee software for over 20 years, but they reached the software’s limits a few years ago. Sophos MSP Connect is the chosen successor, which they’ll be using from now on to provide customers with cybersecurity solutions.

SMB Insights Oracle: New transportation technology for aviaton sector with Oracle

Aviation is a challenging sector in terms of innovation. While the majority of today’s business world is evolving rapidly thanks to the latest technologies, it all moves a little slower within the aviation industry. Oscars, a specialised integrator within the sector, knows all about it. “A lot of things are still done by fax or walkie-talkie,” says Hubert Jehasse, CFO at Oscars. The enterprise is responsible for making the turnaround time at Liège airport as smooth as possible.

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