How smart cities are the perfect example for the limitless possibilities of IoT and data-analytics.

Over the past three to four decades, organisations across the globe have grown ever keener to embrace technology in pursuit of improving any processes, one of them reshaping environments as smart spaces.

A smart space is a wide concept, but generally means any environment in which humans and technology-enabled systems interact in increasingly open, connected, coordinated and intelligent ecosystems. The most comprehensive example is the one of smart cities where industries, businesses and residents massively embed and consume data technology to make the city more efficient, safe, sustainable and liveable. They involve improving infrastructure, transportation, air quality, energy use, etc. Some of the many examples are:

  • Smart Parking: Use a chatbot to ask information about the closest parking site, live view of available spots, charging opportunities, etc.
  • Smart Trash: Sensors intercept when a trash bin is full, forwarding this message to the closest collecting vehicle to adjust its route and pick up the bin
  • Smart Lighting: Dashboards show that using smart lighting – only turning on those streetlights that are needed – saves loads of energy
  • Smart Safety: When a car or a person is standing on the railroad where it’s not allowed, smart cameras detect it and an alerting audio fragment is played automatically
  • Smart Environment: Measuring a range of environmental conditions to help ensure the office layout is optimized, can boost productivity. A dedicated device checks all the main values of air quality, temperature and humidity. Information related to the pollution, fine dusts and gas presence can be requested through the chatbot

However, such changes, even the slightest ones, don’t happen overnight and moreover don’t happen alone. They require interdisciplinary and partnering. IoT and smart city solutions are an ecosystem play that involve many different players. Rarely one actor on its own is able to deliver successfully on all of the needs a smart city or any part in it requires.

Tech Data as an IoT solution aggregator has the ecosystem and the resources to bring such partnerships alive. We do this by leveraging our technology partner ecosystem to provide aggregated, end-to-end, ready-to-deploy IoT solutions with best-of-breed components.

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