Fujitsu scanner Back to School promotions @ meet-it 2019

Discover the Fujitsu scanner Back to School promotions specially created for meet-it 2019, here on InTouch.

Promotions on the ScanSnap series

Digitize all sorts of documents with ScanSnap. With your papers, business cards, magazine clippings neatly organized as digital data, say goodbye to messy desks and filing cabinets, and hello to easy information searches.

Scansnap S1100i
This featherweight champion packs quite a punch. Its weight (350 grams) makes it feel almost non-existent in a case, and its dimensions let it fit practically anywhere.
Scansnap S1300i

The portable ScanSnap S1300i provides Windows and Mac users the tools to be productive and paperless anywhere, anytime.

Scansnap iX100

WiFi enabled, USB powered simplex mobile scanner capable of scanning up to 12 A4 documents per minute. Includes USB cable, full suite of software and 12 months Advanced Exchange (2 day) warranty. Windows® and Mac® supported.

Scansnap SV600

The ScanSnap SV600 has innovative features such as continuous capture with page-turn detection, multi cropping and advanced 3D Versatile Imaging technology.

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Promotions on the SP – Series Scanners

  • Versatile: Entry point into professional document management
  • Resourceful: Purpose built with impressive software suite for efficiency gains
  • Reliable: Intuitively and dependably converts physical documents to digital format
  • Convenien: Simple and easy to use design, ideal for desktop placement
SP-1120, SP-1125 & SP-1130

Designed to capture 20, 25 & 30 pages per minute (A4 colour, duplex 200/300dpi), the SP-1120, SP-1125 & SP-1130 models are intended as a solution for companies seeking to raise their productivity. They help to support a dedicated, single business function such as scanning to an archive or in a small mailroom. The SP models come with the PaperStream IP driver and image enhancement software to ensure high capture quality. 

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Promotions on fi – series Scanners

Business document scanners need to digitize large quantities of documents including contracts, public documents, and bills of receipt at high speeds for maximum efficiency. Fujitsu fi-series Image Scanners are the most suitable to meet this demand.


The fi-7030 handles the scanning of a wide range of documents reliably from thin documents to thick documents (40209g/m2), and plastic cards including embossed cards. Long paper scanning of up to 5 meters and over is also available as well as A3 size scanning with a carrier sheet that comes with the scanner as an option.

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