InTouch News – New landingpage

A short InTouch update

InTouch keeps you updated on the status of your orders via mail

Tech Data’s webshop, InTouch, keeps you well informed about the status of your order from the moment of purchase to the delivery at your own office or directly to your end customer’s home address.

More info

The InTouch landing page has recently changed

What’s new?

  • You will find your favorite / most used pages in the top left corner
  • You will see your 8 most recently viewed products in the middle above
  • A (personalized) sales contact person in the top right-hand corner
  • A block of links where we promote our own programs and services
  • A right block where we can show up to 4 large commercial banners at the same time.
  • The familiar promotional banner blocks are now placed next to each other instead of underneath each other.
  • At the bottom we will soon be offering Tech Data platfoms and business essentials.


Do you have a question about InTouch? Our InTouch specialists are pleased to help you.

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