NETGEAR’s PoE switches: simple, cost-effective, and flexible


What do BYOD, VoIP, Access Points, and CCTV Surveillance applications have in common?
They are showing up on the IT to-do list with increasing frequency and are competing within the fixed IT budgets.

Companies are looking for flexibility, including when it comes to scaling up their IT environment. Companies that wanted to add an access point, IP camera, or IP phone to their environment used to have to deal with higher costs, the need for more cabling, or even upgrades to their switches. NETGEAR believes this should be easier.

PoE switches keep budgetary investments down. They can be used for multiple purposes because the data and power supply run through a single cable. This immediately results in cost savings and flexibility.

PoE enables your customers to easily implement solutions such as VoIP, IP cameras, and access points without having to install additional power points. This again saves costs and makes it even easier to roll out these types of solutions.

Solve BYOD problems for your customer with NETGEAR PoE Switches
ProSAFE® Smart Switches offer first-class solutions for organisations with up to 200 employees:

  • Increase the network’s efficiency
  • Be prepared for applications such as BYOD, IP cameras, and VoIP thanks to the support of PoE and PoE+
  • Dual image firmware improves network reliability and uptime
  • Efficient auto-VoIP vLAN ensures that IP phones are simply plug & play
  • Save energy with PoE timers that allow devices to turn off automatically outside of office hours
  • No mandatory, expensive upgrades to meet the requirements of IPv6 and others

Ensure your customers’ networks are ready for the future
Choose a platform that is already equipped for tomorrow’s requirements and optimise your IT network without the cost and complexity of Big IT thanks to NETGEAR ProSAFE® Smart Switches.

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