NEW at meet-it 19: Tech-as-a-Service

NEW @ meet-it 19:

Tech-as-a-Service (TaaS): hardware, software, and services under a single contract


Tech-as-a-Service allows you to access technology on-demand.

You can provide your clients with hardware, software, and services without any capital investment. You can also add your own services, like shipping, installation, and training courses. These can be offered under the same Tech-as-a-Service framework contract, so that your client can finally find everything in one contract.

We can offer you a really unique tool, fully automated and available 24/7 in InTouch.

Do you want to know how Tech-as-a-Service works in InTouch and how to sign in?

Then visit our Taas expert Cédric Standaert at the Tech Data Services booth at meet-it!
Cédric is looking forward to getting to know you and will answer all your questions.

Or come and listen to Cédric at the TD Talks (16h30)

See you at meet-it!

Check the meet-it website for more details.

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