With over 80 years’ experience in the television market, Panasonic has collaborated once again with professionals of the movie industry to offer the best quality in terms of image and sound. Our latest processor is extremely powerful to deliver the most realistic images, true to the filmmaker’s vision. Discover our new range of OLED televisions, delivering breath-taking images with deep blacks and rich colours for accurate contrast. We also optimized the sound with Dolby Atmos® support to bring you an immersive experience. The minimalistic design offers more space for the image and matches perfectly your interior.


“Hollywood Cinema eXperience Pro” Processor (HCX Pro)

The new Intelligent Processor “Hollywood Cinema eXperience Pro” (HCX Pro) is the most powerful processor ever developed by Panasonic. The processor is built on know-how learned from several decades of manufacturing televisions and is the brain behind the Panasonic picture quality.


Advanced OLED technology

Our OLED panels contain so called organic pixels, each of which produces and emits its own light. In this way, every scene is delivered with precise detail through an outstanding picture quality. With double HDR 10+ and Dolby VisionTM support, the Panasonic televisions reproduce an optimum picture quality, regardless of the source. Compared to a conventional television display, the Dolby Vision technology offers stunning colours, up to 40 times more brightness and up to 10 times more deeper blacks.


Enjoy the best experience with Dolby Atmos®

The Dolby Atmos® sound of the GZ2000 creates a three-dimensional cinema experience. 2 of the 5 speakers are built-in upward-firing speakers positioned at the back of the panel to immerge you completely in your content. Providing you a more complete and intense experience, they put you in the centre of the action with incredible levels of brightness and detail.


Minimalistic in design

The Panasonic displays incorporate LED backlighting technology and have a slim design with a small frame. The televisions reproduce perfect picture quality, are energy-efficient and their stylish design fits in every home interior.



Televisions designed to make your life easier

Every Panasonic television has ultra-smart features and technologies, allowing you to enjoy content from a variety of multimedia sources, as well as to search and share video content.  Just think of Google Assistant and Alexa, Quattro Tuner, In-House TV Streaming, Bluetooth Audio Link, IP Home Network…


PANASONIC OLED – Enjoy a true home cinema experience with stunning images and a perfect sound!

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