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Tech Data at your service with services that matter

As a distributor, we know what’s going on in the market and we are one of the first to know about new technologies, solutions, and services.

Whereas a distributor has traditionally focused on the logistics part of IT, this role is much broader nowadays. We no longer only supply hardware and software, but we also support you with various services focused on finance and logistics and we assist you in the field of marketing and training in order to stimulate sales and reduce costs.

Visit our Tech Data Services Booth and discover how we can support you with the following:


  • Finance Solutions unlock new Business Opportunities


Lease or renting IT solutions for a certain period of time makes it much easer for many customers to take advantage of the latest technologies while paying less.

Customized Lease, Renting or Loan solutions? Behind every succesfull IT Project lies a smart financing solution.

Come to the Services booth and find out how our financing solutions give you added flexibility!
Our Finance Solutions expert Steven De Ridder will be happy to help you find the right blend of finance solutions for your IT project.


Steven De Ridder Finance Solutions, Tech Data BeluxWe present you the best suitable solutions for IT investments starting from 25K onwards and we guide you through all stages of the process!



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  • Trade in used mobile devices? Think Tech Data Renew! 

Trade in used appliances for a newer one that is recycled in a responsible and environmentally friendly way. A smart idea, because it’s good for you and the planet.

Tech Data Renew takes the complexity out of device trade-in, delivering a better customer experience while enabling you to uncover more profit.

Tech Data Renew has a user-friendly, online portal that takes care of the entire trading process; from collecting and inspecting the devices to certified data erasure and real-time quotations. The logistics are taken care of by Tech Data and CMR.

Are you interested in trading in used devices?
Our Tech Data Renew specialists will be glad to anwer all your questions at the Apple booth!

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  • Become proven in a technology area with Tech Data Academy


Acquire knowledge and become proven in a technology area with training and certification from Tech Data. Confidently drive your business forward in new areas and technologies.

Tech Data Academy is the IT training division for Tech Data. The training and certification is delivered by consultants, who are experts in their field and can be used to develop your own teams or you can re-sell them for your end-users to generate an additional margin rich revenue stream for your business.

Come to the Tech Data Services booth and learn how you can drive your business forward in new areas and technologies and how you can differentiate yourself from your competitors.

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  • Reduce costs with our flexible supply chain services


As an IT distributor, Tech Data has been responsible for the logistical support of resellers and vendors since its inception. The ‘pick, pack, & ship’ services have been expanded with a view to completely relieving our partners of their worries.

We offer all kinds of services for transport, configuration, and value-added logistics. The goal is to add value and reduce costs in your supply chain model. This allows you to fully focus on your core business.


  • Configuration Services:
    Our team of technicians can configure all software and hardware, so whether you need some additional processing power or programme installation, we have the knowledge and capability to deliver precisely what you need.
  • Value Added Services
    In addition to all our configuration services, Tech Data also offers various Value Added Logistics Services, such as creating bundles, shrink wrapping and engraving of logos.Did you know that we’re able to ship products with a shipping label and delivery note that feature your logo and address information. This service gives you a more professional look and your end user need not know that the products were shipping by Tech Data on your behalf.


Koen Fosselle (Supply Chain Services Manager Tech Data Belux): We can ship to your customer having removed much of the basic but time intensive work from your customer’s IT project!


If you would like to know more about our Supply Chain Services, come and meet Koen Fosselle and team at the Services booth.


And at meet-it we will launch a brand new service: Tech-as-a-Service!

Be there!

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