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You can’t manage your cybersecurity risks if you don’t know what you are managing.

Today every organization goes through a digital transformation project, moves towards the cloud and enables place and time independent work. More often than not, cybersecurity is kept out of these projects if not willingly ignored because the business thinks cybersecurity will only slow down the progress, but any kind of digital transformation has a big impact on cybersecurity.

The problem is that a lot of organizations don’t know where their data resides or even what they want to protect. Cybersecurity teams should work together with the business to change the way organizations think about data. Data governance is impossible if you don’t know what to protect. The first step in a secure digital transformation project should always be to identify the most valuable data the business needs and this isn’t a one-time job because as business changes, so does its data.

Businesses need to worry about data regardless of the location. Many businesses focus on endpoint security only, but data goes into the cloud, on mobile devices, on IoT devices, etc. Businesses should protect their data and verify who can access what, because no matter how much software is on the endpoint, attackers will win if you lack a data protection strategy.

At Tech Data we have a broad portfolio of security solutions available to secure your data. We can help you protect your data regardless of its source and/or location during its entire lifecycle, from the moment it is created until it is finally deleted.

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We are hosting our annual Security Event on the 24th of October at Hotel Den Berg at Londerzeel where our vendors will be presenting their solutions.

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