Advanced Solutions newsletter: October ’19 – Full overview

For the month of October we have several new and exciting topics for you to discover! You can find more about the following departments below: Services, Security and IoT & Analytics!


Don’t take any chances with firewall security. Our cyber security experts keep organisations safe

When it comes to firewalls and IT security, anything less than perfect leaves organisations vulnerable. To help with this, Tech Data provides partners with a managed service they can take out to their customers without needing to make huge upfront investments in skills, resources and technology.


Organisations are becoming ever more reliant on digital data

All organisation rely on data to manufacture their products or provide their services. This data takes many forms, from customer records to financial agreements and everything in between. The current trend is for organisations to generate ever greater amounts of data to improve business intelligence and operational efficiency. The data itself typically resides digitally within an organisation’s IT system, meaning it is easier to access anytime from anywhere. The benefits of high availability also comes with profound security risks and considerations.


Security has become a top priority to ensure smooth business continuity

A security incident can be very costly to an organisation in many different ways depending on the nature of the incident. Some organisations have experienced lengthy periods of unplanned downtime. Others have suffered data breaches, leading to heavy fines and a breakdown of customer trust, not to mention the resulting loss of business. Consequently, serious security breaches can be extremely difficult to fully recover from. With such a heavy reliance on protecting data for business continuity, astute organisations are proactively prioritising data security against malicious and non-malicious threats.


Small and medium businesses are at the greatest risk

Contrary to popular belief, security breaches hurt small businesses the most. Often small businesses feel safe and think they are not a sufficient target for malicious actors. Owners believe their organisations are less interesting to hackers because they could gain more by hacking enterprise or governments. This is not true. In fact, statistics compiled by the National Cyber Security Alliance show that:

  • Almost 50 percent of small businesses have experienced a cyber-attack.
  • More than 70 percent of attacks target small businesses.
  • More than 75 percent of employees leave their computers unsecured.
  • As much as 60 percent of small and medium-sized businesses that experience a data breach go out of business after six months.

Attackers know that small and medium sized businesses generally have less security and are easier to breach. Just as a burglar chooses the easiest house in a neighborhood to enter, a hacker likes easy targets, with less resources at their disposal to defend themselves.


A good firewall should be your first line of defense

The first line of defense against external and internal threats is a good firewall. The firewall has always been at the core of every organisations’ security infrastructure. In recent years, firewall manufacturers have added many functions to their solutions, like Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), antivirus, URL filtering, application control and sandboxing. The latest firewalls are integrated security solutions that protect against sophisticated malware.


Firewalls rely on having highly skilled IT professionals

Adding more security measures to a firewall usually comes at a cost of increased complexity and additional management challenges for the IT staff. However without proper IT training and certification, system and network administrators will be stretched to use all the available features. Security relies on having complete knowledge of all the firewall settings and knowing how to apply them so as not to leave the organisation exposed and vulnerable.


Often it makes more sense to outsource the management of your firewall to experts you can trust!

IT departments often have multiple IT projects competing for their time and attention. To help unburden these teams, Tech Data offers an affordable firewall managed service that partners can resell to their customers. Under the service, our cyber security experts will implement and manage an organisation’s firewall and IT security policies. Expert care will ensure your data is always protected, minimising risk without inhibiting the performance of your applications. With cyber security in the safe hands of our experts, IT departments are free to focus on other IT transformational projects and business opportunities.


Interested in our managed firewall service and curious what other security services Tech Data can bring to the table? Contact us



Come join us at the Cybersecurity Summit on the 24th of October! Meet 8 cybersecurity vendors, join inspiring presentations and discuss potential projects with trusted advisors!


IoT – Analytics 

OQuila wins Fast Track to Digital Data

90 days ago, some of our Tech Data partners started an intensive program called “Fast Track to Digital Data”. During these 3 months they worked out an IoT offering under the supervision of Tech Data and Lemon Operations. Four partners managed to develop an innovative IoT solution and are now ready to launch on the market. Although the 4 solutions were well matched, OQuila was deservedly chosen as the winner of the program with “Digital Eye”!

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