Easy to track your orders within InTouch

The order tracking capability within InTouch is a really useful way to keep track of where all your orders have got to – so you can keep your own customers in the picture.

We all like to know where our orders have got to. Indeed, a reseller business needs to know that they can get the information they need in order to keep customers up to date and happy with the service they are getting.

By making use of the Order Tracking features within InTouch, you can see everything you need to know about current and completed orders – and even drill down to see details such as the invoice and the delivery note on completed orders, and the expected date when stock is due to hit our warehouse on orders that are outstanding.

Time to explore

It’s well worth taking the time to explore the Order Tracking section properly. It is easy enough to find under the Home tab (FR: Gestion des commandes, NL: Orderbeheer).


Often when you go to the Order Tracking section, you will be looking for something specific, so the first option visible at the top of the screen is a Search box.

You can search using your own order number or the 11-digit Tech Data number – which will always start with ‘60’ for orders placed manually or via EDI, and with ‘I0’ when placed using InTouch.

You can also use the Advanced Search box just below to look up orders based on many other criteria – such as the customer’s address, a date range, invoice number or other reference. This is especially useful when you don’t have your own PO number or our reference to hand.

To the right of the upper part of the display, you have the Reports section.
You can easily call up standard reports for Completed or Outstanding orders for the last or the next 7, 14 or 30 days. You can also look at orders shipped today for delivery tomorrow – which will save you having to make a call to check whether an order has been despatched.

Planning ahead

If you are looking at a list of outstanding orders, you will be able to see when the stock is due to arrive in our warehouse.

With some outstanding orders, you may have the ability to Modify details – and if you do, this will be clearly shown in the Track column to the right of the order details line.


Getting more details

If you want to see more details of an order, you simple click the ‘+’ sign on the extreme left; this will bring up all the details of the order and allow you to see the exact status of each line item.


Where an order or a line has been shipped, the word ‘Shipped’ will be displayed along with a tracking link; clicking on this will take you to the courier’s own page, from where you can track the actual delivery. Serial numbers can also be retrieved in order tracking.

Small icons displayed in the top right corner just above the list of orders, allow you to print or export to Excel what you currently have displayed on the screen.

Of course, you may not yet have access to all features – the Modify function for example, has to be turned on for you by your InTouch administrator. And it may be that you do not have access to the Order Tracking section itself.

If that’s the case, just contact your administrator – or email intouch@techdata.be


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