Advanced Solutions newsletter: November ’19 – Full overview


For the month of November we have several new and exciting topics for you to discover! You can find more about the following departments below: Services, Security and IoT & Analytics!


Security Services


Collaboration as an answer to cyber security complexity?


As a preferred IT provider to your customers, you naturally try to address many of their IT requirements. Mainly, this is because it is far easier and more profitable to sell more to existing customers than trying to recruit new customers. Plus in the past, there was always a fear that introducing another IT provider, brings through more competition. Things are starting to change here as IT providers are becoming more specialist around key technologies, and therefore gradually more open to collaborating with other complementary IT providers. This leaves the market with a mixed range of attitudes towards specialism and collaboration.


Fundamentally, when a customer contracts an IT provider, the need for cyber security skills moves from the end customer to the IT provider. Here the provider has a delicate balance between having all the IT skills they need versus what they can financially justify. Usually, the broader the skill set, the more people the IT provider needs.


IT providers can’t afford to skimp, and need access to people who hold recognized technical certifications. Of course, it is not just the cost of acquiring skills, but also maintaining them and keeping certifications current around the various vendor technologies. For this reason, many IT providers look to shift some of the skills overhead to the distributors, who by and large have the economies of scale to justify holding the skill set in house. This leaves the market with a mixed range of IT providers, some with deep cyber security skill sets, others with more generalized and broader skills.


When being contracted to provide cyber security, the providers are faced with an awkward dilemma. Their customers look to them to keep them secure. However, a cyber security posture that is 100% secure from all threats is a myth. Added to which, there comes a point where extra investment in cyber security starts to provide diminished returns. Hence, an organization, rather than aiming for a cyber security posture that is 100% secure, should be looking towards a cyber security posture that balances risk and investment with meeting legal and regulatory frameworks. This is the optimum cyber security posture.


Helping customers reach an optimum cyber security posture means having a clear structure and methodology, ensuring consistency, repeatability and thoroughness. As mentioned, cyber security is a continuous journey of improvement, and so a structure provides a map for the journey. IT providers with deep cyber security skills will often have developed their own cyber security structure and methodologies. This can often be part of their unique selling proposition. They will know what technologies they need and even customize the technology to ft. However, here organizations with less cyber security skills can struggle and will often look to the distributor for guidance.


Tech Data’s brand promise is to connect organizations around the world with the power of technology. When it comes to cyber security, it is Tech Data’s role to make the cyber security technology more accessible by providing access to products, services, skills and resources.

Our aim is to give IT providers access to everything they need to deliver cyber security solutions to their customers. Each customer will have a slightly different set of requirements, plus the IT providers themselves will have their own varying requirements in terms of skills and resources. With so many variables, Tech Data has built a cyber security offering that is highly flexible and scalable.


Within our advanced services departement we have developed an approach that can help our partners to build a mature cyber security portfolio. Interested in a presentation of our model? Contact us



IoT & Analytics 


Our last IOT Ecosystem Event of 2019 is coming up!


IoT will profoundly affect everything – from business, to government, to healthcare and culture. It brings increased flexibility, rapid introduction of new products, and the ability to more closely meet needs and objectives. It is literally the future of things. But no one can do IoT alone from soup to nuts. All parties involved in IoT get this, and are exploring ways to bring their knowledge together and leverage each other’s strengths.


For this reason Tech Data established the IOT Ecosystem Event. On this evening, lectures with subsequent networking and cozy get-together are key. Join us on the last edition of 2019 to

·         Meet your equals

·         Learn from experts

·         Discover joint opportunities


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