Throwback: 5th edition of the IoT Ecosystem Event

Earlier this week we organized the last edition of the IoT Ecosystem Event for 2019. We welcomed more than 50 participants, making this event a success. Did you miss it? Underneath you can read the most important take-away of each keynote speaker.


  1. “Supply chains are strong, linear and predictable?” Not true, mostly it’s rather chaotic.

How to prevent unpredictability?

  • Make visible what we ship. Use tech to track, to predict where it’s going
  • Similar to self-driving cards, use AI to make supply chains that work by themselves
  • Leverage Tech Data’s end-to-end solution and bridge the gap between OT and IT

From: Supply Chains are Beautiful things, when you can see them – Blair Downs (IBM)

  1. AI is not that difficult to fathom.

The word AI in many cases at IBM means

  • the solution appreciates in value overtime
  • or strengthens the relationship we have with technology through intuitive interfaces and recommendations

Artificial Intelligence is an umbrella term covering all possible approaches to simulating intelligence.

From: How AI can help increase customer satisfaction – Ivor Rothwell (IBM)

  1. The key is what you are good at

ESA (Embedded Solution Agreement) is a way to embed IBM assets into your solutions, but you will be offering your unique solution autonomously and repetitively to the market.  IBM and Tech Data on their turn can help you to market your solution throughout Europe and the world.

From: Getting started with an embedded solution agreement Alain Verheyden (Tech Data)

  1. Don’t let the choice of your platform restrict the whole system

Learn about the 5 steps in building your own solution.

  1. Understand the customer’s concerts and needs
  2. Select the right type of sensors and acquisition
  3. Decide the model through which your data will be analyzed
  4. Build a platform that is able to support all kinds of data
  5. Talk the language of the industry

From: Testimonial P4A – Philippe Mol (P4A)

  1. Adopt the start-up thinking

In the end it’s the offering around the technical solution that will decide the success of it. Think about adding a service to your product. Does this shifting in models seem like a difficult transition? It sure is. A good place to start is to think as a start-up!

From: IoT Beyond the Hype – Nick Boucaert (author of the book “Hyperscale and Microcare: the Digital Business Cookbook)

Interested in their presentations? Don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail:

Curious about our next edition? Mark 10/02/2020 already in your agendas.

About the IoT Ecosystem

Tech Data’s ecosystem represents an incredible alignment of vision and mission among organizations focused on creating sophisticated IT offerings. We enable channel partners to build, go-to-market and sell with a set of expansive technology solutions that the world needs to connect, learn and advance. Tech Data, vendors, ISVs, partners and end users all benefit from this ecosystem.

Each quarter, we create the opportunity to meet each other physically, while enjoying some inspiring keynotes related to IoT and a networking dinner. Our ultimate goal is to share our valued network with you so can find new opportunities by co-creating.

About Tech Data IoT & Analytics

Helping navigate the digital transformation journey

As one of the largest technology distributors, Tech Data plays a pivotal role in enabling the channel’s trusted IT providers. We do this by providing access to a huge range of products, solutions, enablement programs and business support services. With our customers at the heart of everything we do, put simply, we:

  • Help our customers create outstanding solutions for their customers
  • Educate customers on how to create and deliver their own enterprise strength solutions
  • Deliver highly innovative IoT solutions on our customer’s behalf



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