Preparing Workplaces for the Next-Gen Workforce

The new generation workforce is changing the business landscape. To keep pace, organizations must equip their workplaces with the right devices. They need a laptop that’s flexible enough to please both the IT Decision Makers (ITDMs) as well as end users.
The modern workforce needs to be able to collaborate while traveling or working remotely. They need versatile, secure, and portable devices that provide them with the best experience, no matter where they work from.
The Lenovo ThinkBook is stylishly designed to enhance user experience while incorporating business-grade performance and security features.

Why ThinkBook for Business
The modern workforce has different expectations from their business computers. They expect a tech-enabled workplace with collaboration tools accessible across multiple devices. They care about how the device looks and prefer that their organization provide PCs for them.
In a survey involving 1,500 ITDMs from around the world one-half of the respondents acknowledged that, security, performance, build quality, and durability of business laptops are better.
45% said their purchase decisions were influenced by the end user1.

What a truly modern business device delivers
• Style that makes a statement
• Features to boost productivity and collaboration
• A user exprience that connects with the new workforce
• ThinkShield Security that helps businesses stay resilient
• Lenovo Premier Support services that maximize uptime

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