Tech-as-a-Service will be a part of every reseller’s business in the future!

More software and services are purchased on a subscription or managed basis, so it makes perfect sense for hardware to also be offered and consumed in the same way. More than 80 % of companies see a demand from their customers for technology services.

We sat together with Cédric Standaert, our TaaS specialist, and he explained how resellers can help their customers who want to invest in the very latest IT solutions by taking advantage of Tech Data’s Tech-as-a-Service offering.

Since the launch of our Tech-as-a-Service programme last September, sign up and participation is growing fast, said Cédric Standaert. ‘Our resellers are embracing Tech-as-a-Service with a great deal of enthusiasm. We have done a lot of business through Tech-as-a-Service already and there are some big deals in the pipeline. It is our objective this year to talk to partners who want to make it a core part of their value proposition.’

‘The resellers I spoke to said they see it being the way forward for all their business – with customers paying one monthly subscription for all the solutions, services and products the reseller provides. That model is what progressive resellers are moving towards – it makes sense for the customer and for the reseller. It gives them both stability and predictability.’

High residual values

Cédric Standaert explained: ‘Combining Trade-In (TD Renew) and subscription purchasing completes the product and customer life cycle, and the high residual values make it a very attractive proposition. It also means customers can move up to next generation technologies as soon as they become available. Businesses are getting used to the “as-a-service” approach and are not always ready to fund capital purchases when they’d like to. With Tech-as-a-Service, they have a convenient and flexible option that enables them to invest right away.’

How does Tech-as-a-Service work?

Cédric made clear: ‘Tech-as-a-Service is our own programme and it’s independent of any vendor or any other scheme. We can provide products from any of our vendors – and indeed software and delivered services bundled into a single package.’

Tech Data’s Tech-as-a-Service is available to all resellers. It is simple: Sign the agreement and you get access to the TaaS subscription portal through InTouch.



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  • And last but not least, if you have questions, you can ask Cédric Standaert right away.


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