Refresh 454: Happy 2020!

This edition:

  • td.boomerang Q4 2019
  • SMB Express Q4 2019
  • Tech Data Services (TaaS)
  • Recap: AOC Philips Trip
  • SMB Insights HP
  • SMB Insights VM Ware
  • Epson XMAS
  • Tech Data Renew (Apple instore Project)

SMB Insights: HP Z Provides top performance for demanding creative professionals

SoftCell was founded just over a year ago and has worked closely with HP since its start-up. This gave rise to the unique Z Store, an online shop that only sells Z products made by HP. Hungry Minds approached HP and asked them to propose a specific configuration for video editing. The agency invested in hiring a new employee that specialises in video editing due to the increasing demand for audiovisual content.

The challenge: A new desktop for video editing

Solution: Read it in Refresh


SMB Insights: VMware wants to make every enterprise’s digital environment scalable

If you want to digitise your enterprise today, you must take a lot of elements into account. Should you continue to embrace legacy hardware or permanently move to the cloud? Is a hybrid model interesting? And what about the digital workplace? These are all elements in which VMware can play a part.

Sounds interesting? Read all about in our Refresh 454 magazine!

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