Discover the new Smart-UPS Lithium-Ion line by APC! Responsible and secure!

It’s a situation that has taken place many times before.

Day in, day out you have been working hard and have been striving for the best results. You and your team rely on your equipment to back you up and get you these results.

Unfortunately, not everything goes to plan and one day a calamity ensues. The power is out and this has left your business in downtime.

You can sit and wonder what went wrong and how this could have been prevented.


Well, the answer is simple: Uninterruptible power supplies powered by Lithium-Ion batteries


APC can offer you high-value, innovative energy storage protection solutions for data centers, local office environments, Edge IT, industrial processes and critical infrastructure thanks to their NEW Lithium-ion line within the Smart-UPS gamma.

The Smart-UPS Lithium-ion line by APC proves essential for protecting data and equipment in case of power problems thanks to clean and reliable network-grade power.

Being powered by Li-ion batteries they reduce the battery footprint and weight leaving you able to make more effective use of space! They are poised to revolutionize energy storage for secure power applications thanks to a long life, compact, lightweight solution with predictable performance, simplified maintenance and robust life cycle management.


In short, Li-Ion battery solution UPS’s provide the following advantages over Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) UPS systems:

  • Significantly reduced battery footprint and weight to allow for a more effective use of space
  • Double the life and simplified maintenance vs. traditional batteries
  • Reduced cooling requirements
  • Improved backup storage predictability and manageability (BMS included)
  • Reduced TCO

Which Smart-UPS Lithium-ion is right for you?

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