How to allocate User Authorisations in InTouch

Guidelines for InTouch Administrators

How to allocate Roles/User Authorisation on InTouch


As an InTouch adminstrator for your company, you may wish to allocate additional rights to specific colleagues on InTouch and you must remove users that have left your organisation.

This will help to prevent mistakes being made and help you to keep control of how your InTouch account is used.


How to proceed?

  • Click the InTouch Settings option under the Home and InTouch tab
  • Then select My Company to allocate new roles.
  • Under My Company you will see the users’ profile with the rights assigned. To amend these rights click the “Pen and Paper” icon.
  • Simply tick the boxes to add the additional authority and click the “Save” Icon. The user will now need to log out of their session of InTouch and log back in for these changes to take effect.


Home>InTouch>InTouch Settings

My company> click the “Pen and Paper” icon to amend rights

How to remove users?

As the Reseller Admin you are also responsible for the removal of users that have left your organisation. Once you have displayed the list of users within your organisation you simply need to click the “Red X” Icon to delete their acess.


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