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SMB Insights Cisco: A care free WI-FI experience from production and logistics to offices

In the past few years, Smartphoto has evolved from a photo development company into a fully fledged e-commerce web store. As a leading B2B provider of digital printing services with a production facility in Wetteren, Smartphoto serves four million customers across Europe annually. As part of its digital transformation process, all operations were moved to the Google Cloud platform last year.

Now that a local data centre was no longer needed, it was time for Smartphoto to focus on its Wi-Fi network.

Challenge: New, future proof network

Solution: Discover in Refresh..

SMB Insights HPE: Secure and complete WI-FI for new police station in Ostend

The beginning of 2020 is an important moment for Ostend Police. The entire police force is moving to a new location with a new construc-tion project that will make the police ready

for the future. An important part of this new infrastructure is the provision of high-perfor-mance Wi-Fi coverage across the entire site, a solid and future-oriented network backbone with increased security. In close cooperation with its partner Lebon IT Services, the Ostend Police has brought this project to a successful conclusion within one year.

Challenge: Complete new construction project

Solution: Discover in Refresh..

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