Create a office workstation at home

Our wide selection of docking stations, monitor mounts and adapters keep you connected and comfortable while working productively at home.

Step 1: get multiple displays

Arm your workstation for productivity and comfort with monitor mounts that offer easy adjustments, simple installations and space-saving solutions for your workspace.

Click here for all mounting solutions >

Step 2: transform your laptop into a powerful workstation

Our docking stations enable workstation productivity without having to sacrifice the portability of a laptop. Through a single cable, users can easily connect their laptop to multiple monitors, Gigabit Ethernet and access all of their peripherals.

Our comprehensive portfolio of docking stations provides easy out of box installation and offer solutions for all of your unique needs, regardless of the operating system or laptop brand.

Discover the wide range docking stations here  >

Step 3: declutter your desk

Keep a clean workstation and reduce costs by combining your cables and adapters. Use our video adapter cables to connect your device or docking station directly to a monitor.

Browse all cables and adapters now >

Step 4: take care of your posture

For a flexible and ergonomic workstation, sit-stand desks, anti-fatigue mats and ergonomic accessories help you remain comfortable throughout your busy workday. Create a highly functional workstation with ergonomic furniture built to optimize your comfort.

Learn here which ergonomic solutions StarTech has to offer >

Step 5: back-up your work regularly

Our hard drive accessories make it easy to manage the important data in your storage devices. You can access, convert, duplicate, erase, and share data, and expand available storage.

Hurry over here to take care of your back-ups >

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