Treat yourself on an ergonomic home office with Kensington

Are you currently working from home, helping yourself with the available IT infrastructure in your home office? Or do you not even have a work office, sitting in your sofa or at the kitchen table? Ergonomic materials are important to reduce wrist and back pain issues, and improve your comfort, productivity, and energy levels. Especially when sitting behind your laptop or display for 8 hours straight.

With all the offered accessories on the market, it could be hard to find the right ergonomics for your daily use. Kensington would like to guide you on how to set-up your own ergonomic home office!

Improving your wrist health

Wrist rests are important to your wrist health when using a computer. They relieve the pressure on your carpal tunnel, which protects your veins, arteries, and nerve endings from your wrists. Kensington’s ErgoSoft™ family of wrist rests are the perfect ergonomic solution for your wrist health.

ErgoSoft™ wrist rests provide proper wrist alignment and feature a gel-cushioned core wrapped in premium faux leather. They’re designed to fit any height of gaming, mechanical, slim, or standard keyboard or mouse. These wrist rests are the ultimate in desktop comfort for the contemporary home office. You can find a wrist rest for whatever size equipment you’re using.

Ergonomics for keyboards

Kensington can also accommodate any keyboard size to provide proper wrist health. Each of the ErgoSoft™ keyboard wrist rests match the aesthetic of the mouse wrist rests, so your entire home office looks streamlined. Or you could upgrade to a Pro Fit® Ergo Wireless Keyboard. Its curved designed and split-key setup fits the natural angle of your arms and shoulders better than a standard keyboard. Perfect for better ergonomics without compromising on typing speeds and accuracy.

Ergonomics for mice and trackballs

Consider taking things a step further by upgrading to a Pro Fit® wireless mouse in gray or black. These are ergonomically designed to fully support your hands and keep them in a natural position while working.


Improving your posture with ergonomics

Your posture is directly related to back health. A focus on healthy posture while sitting at your home desk for multiple hours, can boost your overall health. Occasional breaks to stretch and move around will help. Kensington has a variety of solutions to get you even closer to that goal.

Ergonomics for back health

The Premium Cool-Gel Seat Cushion provides both support and comfort using patent-pending, premium honeycomb memory foam. This ergonomic design supports sciatica relief by minimizing contact between your tailbone and the seat cushion. Its high-quality silicone backing prevents slippage, and it even has a carrying strap to move it to any other room or chair in your house.

Kensington’s SmartFit® Conform™ Back Rest takes the back support a step further with adjustable height settings and independent springs, conforming to the exact size and shape of your body.

Ergonomics for foot/leg health

You also need a footrest to keep your whole body in alignment. Kensington’s SmartFit® Solemate™ Plus Foot Rest is adjustable to your ideal height setting with an easy-to-use, color-coded chart. This footrest has a non-skid surface made of black rubber for increased stability. It’s also easy to adjust with the integrated foot pedal.

Ergonomics for eye and neck health

In addition, consider raising your monitor to further improve posture. Kensington recommends keeping your monitor at eye level to reduce eye and neck strain. Kensington’s WarmView™ Wellness Monitor Stand combines a monitor stand with a ceramic heater to double down on desktop comfort. It provides a warm home office in cold weather to reduce the chance of illness while improving eye comfort. It’s a 2-in-1 solution!


Stretch guide for home workers

After all that hard work, it’s important to keep moving! Kensington created a simple and easy stretch guide to perform at home, next to your desk, without the use of any tools. It only takes a few minutes to stretch your entire body and be ready again to tackle your work. No more excuses! Start moving today, with Kensington!


Want to read more useful tips to create a healthy and ergonomic home office? Visit Kensington’s dedicated blog, full of interesting and educational content!


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