Close a deal faster when including a Financial Solution or a TaaS offering!

Get a deal by including financial services as an extra in your conversation with your end customer? That’s a super smart idea in these times. Depending on the size of the deal, your customer’s need for a tailor-made lease or rental solution, or for a low cost monthly subscription? We have both solutions for you!

1st solution: 
Does your project meets the following criteria?

  • Leasing, renting & loan agreements
  • For you and your end-customers
  • Higher value per contract
  • Tailor-made

Cash is king!  Help your customer with a tailor-made financial solution

Cash flow will be a challenge for you and your customers. With Tech Data’s Finance Solutions you can get access to IT funding to supply you and your customers with tailor-made financial solutions.

Besides classic lease, renting and loan agreements you can also get 90 days payment deferrals, ‘buy now, pay later’ programs and deliver 0% offerings (e.g. Cisco Easylease).

Our advice!
Offer the possibility of these Finance solutions in every conversation with your partners. It might help you to close deals faster. What’s more, it is completely risk-free for you and you will be paid within a few days!

So, rely on our expertise, let us do the work for you! We will be happy to guide you through the whole process – from the contract proposal to tailor-made contracts within a few hours and prompt payment of your invoice.

Finance Solutions – your trusted advisor for leasing and financing !
Give your customers the possibility to pay in installments.

Do not hesitate to contact Steven De Ridder, your Finance Solutions Specialist at Tech Data. He will be pleased to help you with one of our Finance Solutions.

Mail: Tel: +32 2 583 83 94 – Mobile: +32 475 87.00.10



Or solution 2: does your project meets the following criteria?

  • Renting & Leasing agreements
  • For your end-customers
  • Small & medium size tickets
  • Recurrent IT-refresh


Enhance your and your customers’ liquid assets with TaaS

Tech Data Tech-as-a-Service allows you to combine your hardware, software, and services into a single solution for your customers. Help your customers to move away from large capital investments. Give them access to the latest technology, optimise their IT budgets, and simplify their bill through a low-cost, monthly subscription, by using the Tech Data fully automated TaaS-portal via InTouch.

Our advice!
Offer Tech-as-a-Service to allow your customers for a better management of their cash flow, by spreading the cost and a known business spend. Prevent the risk of outstanding invoices now ànd increase your liquidity!
By selling complementary margin rich products and own services and get paid on day 1, after delivery.

Sign up for the TaaS portal (24/7 accessible): create autonomously subscription quotes and convert them into a contract – within a few minutes.


Do not hesitate to contact Sandra Gies, your TaaS Business Development Manager at Tech Data or attend one of her live webinars and demonstrations of Tech Data’s Tech-as-a-Service portal.

Register for the webinars via the Tech Data events website: (filter on ‘Tech Data Services’)

Mail: Tel: +32 2 583 83 23 – Mobile: +32 492 74 85 74


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