How do tech accessories help create the perfect classroom?

What is the perfect classroom? There are a huge range of factors; furniture, light levels, ventilation etc etc. In this blog we want to focus on the technology within that holds the perfect classroom together and how accessories can help to ensure accessibility and usage for both pupils and teachers.

In a survey conducted by Teacher Tapp 54% of teachers said that they simply do not believe the claims of tech providers. It’s never as simple as they hope and less reliable than they need, it is extremely common for classrooms to have tech cupboard of shame, with “latest innovations, the hottest new tech and all in one solutions”. From this we can derive that there should be seamless interaction between the student and the tech in the room and it should be accessible to the widest possible range of users. In this regard, the value of fixed and physical control interfaces can’t be underestimated.

Vision provides the simple and easy control for projectors, flat panels, amplifiers and screens, all with the teacher and students in mind. This is delivered via Techconnect Control. To simplify the system for users, it can be customised to fit functions they use every day. No tech support calls and no losing remote controls. Techconnect is unique in its practicality and simplicity. This is made possible thanks to the modular design of Techconnect which in turn allows customers to create custom faceplates via the Techconnect faceplate configurator. These can then be upgraded any time to accommodate next generation solutions.

Recent research from the Department of Education 41% of schools surveyed have identified BYOD as a key area to prioritise for implementation over the next two years, only 29% of secondary schools have yet to deliver BYOD models. A modern classroom should be prepared for any students requirements from especially higher education students who are using a wide range of hardware that might be years old, or the latest tech. Vision manufactures high quality adapters that will allow students and teachers to connect to USB-C reliant hardware while still utilising their own trusted devices. Vision engineers cables with a focus on construction consistency and integrity, and conductor thickness. Moreover, unlike most other manufacturers, we publish the full specification for each cable.

Interactive displays have firmly re-established themselves as an effective education solution and next-gen. These LFD’s need to be accessible, easy to move and securely mounted.  Vision provides portable mounts that are ready to move LFDs from room to room and are motorised to ensure a great viewing angle for every student. Vision’s F30 and F40 are motorised stands which allowed the screen to be raised to practical heights for teachers and students of all heights.

Research published by learning technology company Sparx has revealed that 79% of teachers would like to see clear, tangible proof of edtech’s effectiveness in the classroom. Connectivity and accessories are going to be the first way users approach this tech. Therefore its importance cannot be understated in creating the perfect classroom.


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