Introducing Google Nest Wifi Router and Point

Nest Wifi: the best foundation for the connected home

Nest Wifi makes sure you have fast, reliable Wifi everywhere at home. Google Nest Wifi gets automatically updated, to make sure you always dispose over the latest features and a safe network. The Google Nest Wifi-point has a speaker with integrated Google Assistant to deliver any extra assistance and entertainment at home. We recommend the duo-pack which contains a router and one Wifi-point for optimal coverage.

Discover the most important features of the NEW Nest Wifi, thanks to the memory aid SPEED:

S for Superfast Connectivity

Nest Wifi makes sure you have reliable Wifi at home. Behind the scenes, it’s constantly working hard to prevent buffering.

P for Practical

No more stress thanks to easy installation, parental supervision, priority for specific devices, and so much more. All manageable in the Google Home app.

E for Ecosystem

Nest Wifi offers connectivity for hundreds of fitted devices. A Nest Wifi-point is no regular Wifi-point. The device contains a built-in speaker with Google Assistant, which means you can no longer only operate connected devices with your voice, but also receive answers to your questions, manage your networks, and much more!

ED for Elegant Design

Thanks to the soft, natural shapes, the Nest Wifi products fit perfectly in every interior. Nest Wifi products do not only keep your interior in mind, but pay close attention to the environment as well. The Nest Wifi-router is developed from 45% recycled plastic, while the Nest Wifi-points consist of 40% recycled plastic.



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