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Apple Instore Project

In early February, Apple asked us how we could better position products like AirPods in Krëfel stores.Today we notice that more and more stores are no longer placing the AirPods on the shelves due to fear of theft.That’s why Apple asked us to think about retail stores that don’t have Apple furniture, possibly producing a small display or something in durable material with AirPods in it so custom-ers can see what they look like in real life, of course we shouldn’t forget the security of the displays. Which we subtly processed at the back of the display.

Tech Data Marcom offered Apple an all in one solution, from design through development to installation of the displays in the Krëfel stores.

SMB Insights: Cisco Designed for Business

Cisco is a broad market leader within the enterprise market and has developed numerous technologies for the sector. The manufacturer also has products for SMBs, and with the “Cis-co Designed for Business” portfolio, it wants to increase its profile within the SMB market by offering a flexible total solution.

The approach of Cisco Designed for Business is simple and ambitious at the same time: to give SMBs the same technology that enterprise cus-tomers have been using for years. The big difference lies in the balance between technology, simplicity and usability. The SMB should always be able to focus on its own business and all the business around it.

“With Cisco Designed for Business, we want to relieve SMBs of many of their tasks by automating or managing much of their work”
– Paul De Rujiter, Responsible for the SMB Market Benelux

We talked with Paul De Ruijter about Cisco and the SMB market in general! Read this and other interesting stories in our Refresh magazine!

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