Refresh 462: Security Services!

This Refresh 462 september edition:

Get to know our Security Services!

Security should ‘just work’ for your customer. At the same time, cybersecurity is getting more complex and it is a challenge to master every aspect of the cybersecurity domain. Not every partner has the resources or know-how for this. As a result, they don’t get around to bring added value to the business? With the services of Tech Data Advanced Solutions you can support and relieve them so you can focus on your core business?

Tech Data’s promise is to connect organizations around the world with the power of technology. When it comes to cyber security, it is Tech Data’s role to make the cyber security technology more accessible by providing access to products, services, skills and resources.
That’s why we introduce to you: our Advanced Security Services

Tech Data and Excellium offer their partners a SOC as a Service as a white-label solution

Nowadays, security is important for every enterprise, and it is becoming increas-ingly important with each passing day. Will you even notice if your enterprise is hacked? And if you notice it, what should you do? What steps should you take? Are your employees qualified or do you need external help? A SOCaaS is the most com-prehensive solution to prevent cybersecu-rity incidents and to notice them on time (because 100% security does not exist).

“Thanks to our collaboration with Excellium, security can be outsourced and enterprises can rest assured

-Wim Kretzers, BDM Advanced Services

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As we respect the reseller channel, we provide price and promotion sensitive information via a password only. If you are a reseller and a customer of Tech Data, you will be given privileged access to this information. You can register for this here.

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