Chart a Better IT Future with Dell EMC PowerEdge and VMware

Hardware and software upgrades can lead to a better hybrid cloud experience

You can see the change happening all around you. The enterprise has rapidly adopted a hybrid cloud model, and with good reason, as 90% of modern server environment operators report increased value/effectiveness from hybrid cloud initiatives versus just 62% of those running legacy server shops.

Are you relying on older hardware and software to run your future? It can be tempting to remain comfortable with “good enough results” from old IT infrastructure, but you might be limiting performance, flexibility and successful business outcomes, instead of venturing into the next evolution of IT and your business.

Consider some of the benefits of upgrading your servers and software

With an eye on today’s challenges and a focus on tomorrow’s needs, PowerEdge and VMware enable customers to prime their business for growth through seamless evolution, leading flexibility and hybrid cloud capabilities. VMware vSAN™ is the industry’s leading hyper-converged (HCI) software empowering HCI customers to securely run traditional and modern apps in the hybrid cloud with consistent operations from edge to core to cloud. A simple and flexible way to build your hybrid cloud with VMware vSphere® and vSAN is with Dell EMC vSAN Ready Nodes which allow you to build your hybrid cloud as unique as your workloads.

Why upgrade to a Dell EMC vSAN Ready Node?

Dell EMC vSAN Ready Nodes are flexible, pre‑configured, and jointly certified PowerEdge servers that are like HCI building blocks for vSAN. They can reduce deployment risks, improve storage efficiency, and quickly and easily scale as needed.


Dell EMC vSAN Ready Nodes offer several key benefits for customers, including the following:

  • Flexibility to design your hybrid cloud with a broad variety of PowerEdge servers and configurations
  • Nine (9) Dell EMC vSAN Ready Nodes feature Identity Modules that uniquely identify the PowerEdge server as a vSAN Ready Node upon boot-up which helps to streamline deployment and updates.
  • Empowering IT with automation and consistency across hardware and software lifecycle management with OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter® (OMIVV) and vSphere Lifecycle Manager (vLCM).
Check out this 2 minute video for more info!


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