Onboarding for Microsoft Surface resellers, learn all about it!

Demo devices at 50 %

Register on the Surface portal to be able to order your demo device. The best way to sell the Surface devices is by showing them so getting a demo device to use yourself is really step number one.
Please note that you can also ask Microsoft to send a demo device to a potential customer that has an opportunity of 10 units minimum. Contact v-tocrom@microsoft.com for more info.

  • You get one device for every member of the Surface family (1 Laptop, 1 Book, 1 Pro, 1 Pro X, 1 Go, 1 Studio, 1 Laptop GO)
  • You can also order accessories at demo conditions (Type cover, pen and docking)
  • Demo devices cannot be sold
  • You cannot attach warranties to demo devices

For issues during registration for the Surface portal, you can contact droc@microsoft.com for help. Please write your mail in English. You can also find a step by step guide on the Surface portal.


Get all product and marketing info

A lot of information is available and the most relevant can be found on the Surface Reseller Alliance : https://partner.microsoft.com/en-us/surface/.
Tip: one of the things you get to download  there is a sku finder. But you will also find, product sheets, technical specs, battle cards, infographics, mail templates, ….

Learn about pricing

For pricing info, you can get most prices at InTouch and based on the type of device and quantity, Tech Data will take into account most current promotions but in the following cases you need to contact distribution for a special price.

  • You are expecting to sell 15 or more devices at the same customer in the coming period of 6 months you can request “Accelerate pricing” (additional 3- 6% discount)
  • Your customer is planning on buying more than 50 units over the coming 9 months and you are the first reseller to respond to the customer thenyou can request a deal registration and get an additional 5 % discount (2% for EDU) depending on the type of product. (Deal registration can be cumulated with Accelerate pricing in most cases)
  • Is your customer an education customer or non-profit organization, then you can get an additional 8% depending on the specific case.
  • Last but not least, if you buy 5 units or more at once you can get a bid grid discount (starts at 1% and goes up to 3,5%)

On top of these pricing mechanism, Tech Data will take into account all promotions that are available at the time of the request.


Understand the differences between retail and B2B sku’s

Now that Microsoft has started “Surface for business” there is a clear difference between the sku’s for retail and the ones for B2B. Additional can be found on the Surface Reseller Alliance for resellers but in a nutshell, for the new devices (since Pro 6 and Laptop 2):

  • B2B sku’s come with Windows 10 PRO (in retail this is Windows 10 Home)
  • Advanced Exchange is included during the first 2 years (not the case for retail) This means your customers will get a replacement device before he has to send the faulty device in.


Learn about warranties and pricing

All in depth warranty info can also be found on the Surface Reseller Alliance portal but here’s what you need to know in a nutshell:

  • The device is covered for 2 years by the standard warranty.
  • Warranties need to be attached asap but at the latest 45 days after the invoice date
  • NEVER open or fix the device yourself –  you will void the warranty !
  • You can also purchase additional warranties at distribution (Extended Hardware Service and Complete for Business)


Stay up to date and request to have the invites for the webinars, workshops and get the monthly Surface newsletter.

Provide your contact details to Tom Crombez v-tocrom@microsoft.com if you want to get all the updates.

You can register already for the upcoming webinars :

Get help and support for warranty cases, issues, questions, …

  • Call +32 2 503 31 13 and choose your language and then select business customer (not Microsoft partner)
  • Log your ticket online

Think about accessories

Surface has a lot of accessories that can be sold with the device. Not only will you increase the added value for your customer and show that you proactively think along, it will also allow you to gain some additional margins on the project. Next to the Surface accessories, there is a specific site that lists all “Designed for Surface” accessories  These are the officially licensed third-party accessories.

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