The Lenovo Thinkpad E Series gets better!

The ThinkPad E Series laptops are all-round business machines, offering performance, security, and reliability. The E14 and E15 complement new office setups with their modern design. Made for small and medium-sized businesses, E Series laptops offer professional computing at competitive prices.

  • MAXIMUM PRODUCTIVITY: Responsive computing and seamless multitasking that augment the modern business professional
  • CONTEMPORARY DESIGN: A sleek design and optional metal chassis make for an appealing look and durable build
  • STRONG SECURITY AND AUTHENTICATION: Multi-level protection for devices and data, while fingerprint and facial recognition logins restrict unauthorized access


The next-gen ThinkPad E Series laptops have much narrower bezels, delivering more display area than ever before. These laptops are also much lighter than Gen1 laptops.

  • Less bezel, more screen:ThinkPad E Series Gen 2’s ultra-narrow bezels provide an edge-to-edge display experience without compromising on portability. With higher screen to body (STB) ratio, users can view multiple apps and videos clearly
  • SleekerWith smaller Y-dimension, ThinkPad E Series Gen 2 is smaller and easier to carry around
  • Lighter than before:The new lightweight design makes it more portable


Experience uncompromised performance with ThinkPad E Series Gen 2 laptops. Powerful processors, with responsive memory, and speedy storage let you do more.

  • AMD RyzenTM 7 4000 Processors:Equipped with the latest generation (7nm) of AMD RyzenTM Processors, the ThinkPad E Series Gen 2 laptops deliver top-notch performance. Designed for portable devices, the RyzenTM 4000 Series offers powerful computing, as well as impressive energy efficiency.
  • Dual SSD Storage:Enjoy a smooth user-experience, with rapid load times and lower latency, with dual SSD storage. SSDs offer significantly better performance and durability than HDDs. Further, the extra SSD slot provides additional space for storing large files.
  • Dual Channel Memory:Programmed to support  DDR4 memory at an improved 3200MHz (20% faster than previous gen) offers ultra-responsive computing and seamless multitasking. The dual RAM functionality enables better memory performance as well as expandability


The ThinkPad E Series Gen 2 is built for new-gen employees, offering innovative features and an intuitive user experience.

  • Smart Pointer:With attention-sensing technology powered by Glance by Mirametrix®, there is no need  to search for a lost mouse pointer across multiple monitors. Your pointer moves to monitor that has your attention
  • Snap Window:When working with an external monitor, move a window or an application just by moving your gaze towards the display you want to see it on. No more swimming on the touchpad or running out of desk space for your mouse
  • Hot Keys for Online MeetingsAnswer or hang up video conference calls with a single tap using dedicated Hot Keys. They can be configured for either Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business


ThinkPads have long been a symbol of device and data security. The E Series Gen 2 is no different with robust security solutions that safeguard your business.

  • IR Camera:The Infrared (IR) camera enables hands-free facial recognition, through Windows Hello for instant and secure logins
  • Presence detection:The new ThinkPad E Gen 2’s presence detection feature, powered by Glance by Mirametrix®, locks the PC when the user steps away from the desk
  • Smart Power On:The E Series Gen 2 comes with a touch Fingerprint Reader(FPR) integrated on the power button—Smart Power On—for convenient and safe biometric logins with just one touch

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