Creating a new mobile workspace for the healthcare professional

Even before the pandemic, much of today’s workforce had already gone mobile. It’s just the way people now communicate with coworkers, find information and work productively wherever they go. But when we talk with hospital leaders, it’s clear that in many ways healthcare has been left behind. Many physicians and nurses still rely on clipboards, printed records, desktop terminals and even old fashioned pagers to access patient information and stay connected.

Healthcare professionals are ready for mobile

Physicians and nurses know there’s a better way to work, and they’re more than ready to go mobile-first or even mobile-only. In a study published by the Journal of Hospital Administration, 85% of doctors said mobile devices made their clinical communications easier, 79% found medical smartphone and tablet apps helpful, and nearly 68% said these tools didn’t require any training. And that was before the pandemic pushed the healthcare’s digital revolution forward by a decade.

With mobile clinical communication solutions, doctors can work more effectively and spend more time with their patients. They can also spend less time at crowded nurses’ stations, which is especially important, as our government recommends that hospital staff “maintain physical distance as much as possible” and “reduce the number of individuals allowed in common areas”.

Platform standardization eases tech challenges

For healthcare mobility to truly hit its stride, hospitals need to institute smart, adaptable solutions that address the entire physician workflow.

Samsung has been working closely with several leading healthcare providers on workflow innovation initiatives that enable physicians to be more mobile and productive. It’s about leveraging the incredible computing power of today’s smartphones or tablets to give physicians a desktop they can take anywhere. With Samsung DeX, we think we have the answer.

Imagining the mobile-only future

Picture a doctor or a nurse who makes their rounds with a hospital-issued ruggedized Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro enterprise or Galaxy Tab Active 3 for easy note taking. Like any other Samsung smartphone or tablet, they all feature the Samsung Knox security platform — built in from the chip up to protect against intrusion, malware and other threats.

When the doctor enters a patient’s room, they greet the patient and, with the mobile device, scan the patient’s wristband, bringing up their health records. The doctor connects their handset to the room’s LCD display, which doubles as a clinician workstation and a patient entertainment center.

The doctor and the patient review the doctor’s findings, examining charts and X-rays. If the patient has any questions, the doctor can access online medical resources to further illustrate the information — again displaying it on the big screen.

Samsung DeX, the desktop computing experience enabling this consultation, is entirely powered by the doctor’s mobile device. As the doctor examines the patient and asks them about their symptoms, the doctor can take notes, record their assessment and issue prescriptions using their smartphone or tablet. The S Pen is perfect tool for taking notes and is included in the box of all Galaxy Tab S series, ruggedized tablets and the Galaxy Note 20.

After completing their rounds, the doctor will continue to use their smartphone or tablet for administrative tasks, docking it to a monitor, keyboard and mouse at the nurse’s station to answer emails, complete discharge papers and consult with colleagues.

Making smarter physician workflows a reality

This scenario is not as futuristic as it sounds. It’s all possible today with the power of a Galaxy smartphone or tablet and Samsung’s DeX platform, which can turn any space into a workspace. For hospitals trying to space out employee workstations during the pandemic, this solution makes it easy and affordable to put the workstations in strategic locations throughout the hospital. All it takes is a keyboard, monitor, mouse and the smartphone.

Unlike other mobile strategies, this solution doesn’t treat mobile as an “add-on” for some tasks. It’s not about adding more endpoints that IT will have to manage. It’s about harnessing the power of today’s smartphones to drive the entire clinician workflow.

The mobile revolution may be nearly complete in other industries, but healthcare’s transformation is still underway. With devices like the Galaxy Tab Active Pro, Galaxy Tab Active 3, Galaxy Xcover 4S and the XCover Pro in combination with Samsung DeX, your organization can lead the charge.

Samsung Knox Suite

Sounds like a complicated set-up? Not at all! Samsung offers customized services and solutions via Knox Suite to get you started!


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