Discover Global Computing Component vendor Broadcom

Broadcom Inc. is a global infrastructure technology leader built on 50 years of innovation, collaboration and engineering excellence.

Broadcom is focused on technology leadership and category-leading semiconductor and infrastructure software solutions. They have the broadest portfolio of highly reliable server storage products in the industry and offer the connectivity, performance, and protection to support critical applications. Their NVMe, SATA and SAS RAID controllers and host bus adapters are in the majority of the world’s storage server platforms.

Broadcom Storage Portfolio

RAID Controller

Broadcom´s broad range of MegaRAID® controller cards address virtually all direct-attached storage (DAS) environments – SATA or SAS, NVMe (PCIe), hard disk drives (HDDs) or solid state drives (SSDs), server-based storage or external direct-attached JBODs and storage enclosures.
MegaRAID® controller cards feature:

  • Reliable, trusted RAID data protection for critical applications
  • Performance to support the most demanding server storage workloads and solid state drives
  • Architectural and deployment flexibility with internal and external connectivity options
  • Additional peace of mind and performance with optional features including flash cache protection and self-encrypting drive management

SAS/SATA/NVMe Host Bus Adapters

Designed for large-scale external storage enclosures or high-end servers utilizing internal storage, the Broadcom family of SAS/SATA and NVMe HBAs and storage adapters are ideal for increased connectivity and maximum performance for data center flexibility.

  • Industry standard SAS/SATA/NVMe interface adherence for the broadest device compatibility and reliability
  • Internal and external port options for tailoring the right blend of current drive deployment and future storage growth
  • Performance to support the most demanding server storage workloads and solid state drives
  • Compatibility with software tools to enable high availability and superior solution management
  • Universal connectivity with a maximum of data protection and high performance at the lowest cost
  • Based on Broadcom´s Tri-Mode SerDes technology for endless design flexibility
Fibre Channel Host Bust Adapters

Emulex 32Gb/16Gb/8Gb Fibre Channel HBAs deliver the ultimate performance, scalability, reliability, management and diagnostics for low latency flash storage arrays, HDD arrays and mission-critical applications.

  • Industry First – Firmware Updates without Reboots
  • Maximises Server and Applications Up Time
  • Maximizes Workload Performance

Ethernet Network Adapters

Broadcom’s extensive Ethernet network adapters deliver board-level solutions for standard PCIe NICs and Open Compute Project (OCP) adapters ranging from 1GbE to 200GbE for Enterprise, Cloud and Telco markets.
Designed for today’s enterprise and cloud-scale environments, Broadcom’s NetXtreme® E-Series Ethernet network adapters are the ideal solution for high-performance virtualization, intelligent flow processing, secure data center connectivity, and machine learning.

  • TruFlow™ engine accelerates virtual switch processing by 2x, reduces server CPU usage up to 50%
  • Broadsafe™ embedded security provides Silicon Root of Trust, delivering industry’s most secure Ethernet controller
  • TruManage™ addresses end-user manageability needs to allow fine tuning of networks for maximum performance
  • Provides best-in-class hardware acceleration and offload capabilities that result in higher and lower workload latency
  • Ideal solution for high-performance virtualization, intelligent flow processing, secure data center connectivity, and machine learning


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