Google Nest – The key to your smart home

Introducing Nest Hub, a new display for the home

The Google Nest Hub is a smart speaker with intuitive display and integrated Google Assistant. Say “OK Google” to ask questions, play music or watch videos. This smart device is your personal assistant at home, showing your favorite family pictures, broadcasting the weather or guiding you through various recipes. The Google Nest Hub functions as the center of your home, controlling your smart lighting, speakers, doorbell and cameras. Make your live easier with Google Nest!



Introducing Nest Wifi Router and Point

A smart home requires a strong Wifi connection and hands-free support! Google Nest got you covered with the Nest Wifi Router and Nest Wifi Point, ideal for smart home ecosystems. They provide you with fast and reliable Wifi, with a coverage of up to 210m². The Nest Wifi Points have an integrated smart Speaker with Google Asisstant to support you with setting up and operating thousands of smart devices in your home. Listen to music and manage your network, all voice-controlled.



Introducing Nest Audio, a new speaker for the home

The Google Nest Audio is a smart speaker controlled by your voice. The integrated Google Assistant helps you to play music, to manage your appointments and to control your entire smart home. Create a multiroom set-up easily by combining multiple Google Nest Audio speakers to listen to your favorite music throughout different rooms.



Introducing Google Nest Video Doorbell

The Google Nest Video Doorbell keeps you up to date about visitors at the front door. Replace your current wired doorbell by the smart Google Nest Video Doorbell and stream video footage 24/7. The smart doorbell recognizes your family and friends via face recognition and warns you in-app about unwanted visitors. Communicate with visitors through the built-in microphone and speaker or choose a pre-programmed message for you visitors. No more surprises thanks to Google Nest.


Introducing Google Nest Smoke and CO Detector

Always be alarmed about possible smoke development and CO leakages in your house, thank to the Google Nest Detector. After application on the ceiling, easily control the Detector via the Nest app on your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch. A female voice warns and informs you about the location of possible smoke and CO detection at 70 Db. Consult the app for more info about the warnings and the battery status. Enjoy a carefree life with Google Nest.

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