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As a reseller of Tech Data, you have the possibility to earn an original Kyocera ceramic knife set. Per purchase tranche of € 2750,- ex. VAT on all Kyocera ECOSYS printers and multifunctionals invoiced by Tech Data during the month of November.*

It makes an excellent Christmas gift for yourself, your colleagues or your customers.

Kyocera Fineceramics

Kyocera uses highly sophisticated ceramic materials to produce extremely reliable products in a wide range of sectors worldwide, for global industries as well as end consumers. The advantages of ceramic are successfully used in various company sections, from fine ceramic components to solar systems and office devices.

Kyocera printers and multifunctionals are renowned for their long-life ceramic components, that guarantee the reliability and longevity of the devices.

In 1984 Kyocera started producing Japanese kitchen knives with blades made of zirconia ceramics, as one of the pioneers. Kyocera’s long-standing experience in the field of fine ceramic materials is applied to produce high-quality, robust and sharp ceramic knives, caracterised by absolute functionality and a timeless aesthetic.

Our high standards of technology and quality give our knives the special properties to make cooking a pleasure: 

+ Handsharpened blade made of zirconia ceramics
+ Blade is extremely hard and corrosion-free
+ Dense and smooth blade surface allows for absolutely precise cuts
+ Ultra-light, with ergonomic handle

*Valid from 01/11/2020 till 30/11/2020

PS.: Learn more about Kyocera Shopmodel! 

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