Logistics update – deliveries during the lockdown period

We would like to keep you informed about our logistics operations during this lockdown period. We are monitoring the situation closely with our carriers and will post important logistics updates on our InTouch website.

From our side, our logistics facility remains fully operational and our teams are available by phone and online to support your requirements.

Business orders

Our carriers will likely receive a great number of rejected shipments due to the closure of many companies and will suffer delays due to the impact of the high season.

To deal with this, we are counting on your good cooperation.

  • Please proactively inform HERE if your warehouse is closed or not, so we can tailor our delivery process accordingly.
  • In addition, we ask you to check your back orders carefully via InTouch.

If no one can take delivery of the order (at your company or at your end customer), then contact your commercial contact at Tech Data and have the delivery address changed

If you have a question about your delivery, don’t hesitate to ask your commercial contact.


Package Deliveries via GLS

– If a company or shop is closed for Covid reasons, the driver will leave a message and return the parcels to the GLS depot.

– The sender will receive an e-mail with the message of non-delivery.

– If the depot has not received instructions from either the sender or the consignee within 2 working days, the parcel will be returned at the sender’s expense.

– If we receive instructions in time, the parcel will be offered again according to these instructions.

To support a successful delivery, we recommend to provide additional contact details such as a phone number with your order. Furthermore, please **highlight in your shop or company that parcels can be delivered.

Thank you for your understanding. And if you have a question about your delivery, don’t hesitate to ask your commercial contact or send a mail to asd@techdata.be

Very handy for you!
**In order to facilitate deliveries, download this document to hang on your window/door to let the driver know that your company or shop is open for deliveries.



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