Data Protection for the Future

With data volumes increasing at a prolific rate year-on-year (a 39% increase between 2018 and 2019) and disruptive events that cause data loss and downtime also on the rise, it’s no wonder that, having assessed their current data protection solutions, 80% of organizations recognize they won’t meet future business requirements.

In a September 2020 study, ESG has modeled the Dell EMC PowerProtect data protection offerings as a single vendor option for enterprises of all sizes. They have found significant efficiencies and cost savings, with a level of increased benefits enabled as a single vendor solution including centralized management, operations efficiency, and optimized performance.

Organizations need simple, efficient, and agile data protection solutions to ensure their data is safe across core, edge and cloud. They need an all-in-one-software and storage for backup, replication, recovery and cloud readiness for their physical and virtual workloads.

Dell EMC PowerProtect portfolio

Dell EMC PowerProtect technologies come in different “consumption” modes to adjust to a variety of use cases, all geared toward providing the most adequate protection for each customer situation.

PowerProtect DP series appliances

All-in-one data protection software and storage in a single appliance to deliver backup, replication, recovery, search, analytics and more. The fastest way to transform your data protection for the future. Easy to deploy and manage to help consolidate data protection in organizations of any size.

PowerProtect DD series appliances

The next generation of Data Domain backup appliances, delivering enterprise performance, efficiency and scale. Designed to meet backup, archive, disaster and cyber recovery needs for organizations of all sizes. Easily integrate with Dell EMC and third-party backup software.

  • Up to 30% more data compression(4)
  • Up to 65x data deduplication(4)
  • Up to 38% faster backup(5)
  • Up to 45% faster restores(5)
  • 60.000 iops for instant Access/Instant restore of up to 64 VMs(6)

PowerProtect Software

PowerProtect Data Manager, which protects traditional and modern cloud workloads across edge, core, and cloud, and writes to all PowerProtect appliances. PowerProtect Data Manager is a software-defined data protection platform designed to deliver next-generation data protection that enables faster IT transformation, while providing capabilities to safeguard and quickly unlock data’s value.

  • Software Defined
  • Multi-Cloud optimized
  • Self-Service
  • Saas-based management

Data Protection Suite, which delivers the widest breadth of data protection workload coverage and can be deployed as standalone or in conjunction with PowerProtect appliances.

Dell Technologies is your one-stop-shop for both integrated (DP Series) and target (DD Series) appliances. The DP Series provides all-in-one software and storage for backup, replication, recovery and cloud readiness for physical and virtual workloads.

Contact for more information on Dell EMC PowerProtect solutions.

(2) Analyzing the Economic and Operational Benefits of the Dell EMC PowerProtectData Protection Portfolio. By Vinny Choinski, Senior ESG Lab Analyst; and Christophe Bertrand, Senior Analyst September 2020

(4) Based on ­eld telemetry from PowerProtect DD series appliances. PowerProtect DP series appliances also apply to ­eld telemetry data. Actual results may vary.

(5) Based on Dell EMC internal testing with DD Boost protocol on DD9900 within DP8900 with DDOS 7.2 vs. DD9800 within DP8800 with DDOS 7.2, April 2020. Actual results may vary.

(6) Based on 8KB 100% read internal test to measure peak IOPS, performed on PowerProtect DD9900 and DDOS 7.2, July 2020. Retest performed on DD9900 within DP8900, September 2020. Actual results may vary.



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