The right audio solutions for successful remote working

For virtually every organization across the globe, remote work has become part of everyday life. Employees once bound to centralized offices are now working from nearly everywhere. Home offices, Internet cafes, local coffee shops – and even the humble kitchen table – have been transformed into office spaces, and the remote-working trend isn’t likely to change anytime soon.

In addition to the inherent safety it offers, remote working provides tangible benefits for both employee and organization alike. Employees enjoy greater autonomy, and improved work/life balance and added flexibility. Organizations benefit from reduced costs and greater employee satisfaction. Perhaps the biggest benefit may be increased productivity. 


Now more than ever, high-quality audio is vital!

While the venue in which work is being done has changed, remote employees still face some of the same challenges they faced when back in the office: most notably poor audio, excessive noise and too many distractions. Whether in the form of buzzing and ringing devices, interruptions from family members, traffic noise or something else entirely, excessive noise and distractions threaten to undermine the benefits that remote working offers.

That’s why it’s vital that today’s remote workers be equipped with superior-quality audio devices and collaboration tools – ones that are designed and engineered to meet the needs of remote employees. These tools should include many advanced features to help workers tune out distractions and concentrate and collaborate effectively.

Meet… EPOS!


The ADAPT line – Work wherever, whenever

Maximize your focus and productivity with the ADAPT Series – the ultimate remote-working headsets. State-of-the-art technology and productivity features help promote concentration, improve efficiency and ensure outstanding collaboration.

  • Superb call clarity powered by EPOS
  • Clearer calls on demand
  • Focus with superior sound
  • Concentrate anytime, anywhere, even in noisy environments
  • Advanced tools to stay organized
  • UC-certified
  • Enjoy comfort and convenience

Ideal for demanding remote-working professionals who require superior-quality audio, state-of-the-art productivity features, superb business functionality and the highest-performing hybrid adaptive ANC for intense concentration, collaboration and productivity in even the most challenging audio environments.


The EXPAND line – Instant conferencing anywhere

Collaborate clearly and confidently whether in your office or moving about your remote workplace with the EXPAND Series of portable wireless speakerphones.

  • Plug-and-play conferencing anywhere
  • Exceptional audio performance
  • Natural conversation experience

Ideal for remote professionals who demand a superior-quality, portable speakerphone that offers pristine speech clarity and audio for personal teleconferencing.




The IMPACT SDW D1 USB – Get organized, get mobile

Keep a clean workspace and stay mobile in the office, thanks to a plug-and-play dongle for your PC that makes your IMPACT 5000 Series headset as dynamic as you are. Around the office or working from home the DECT dongle optimized your productivity.

This neat, portable solution complements today’s clean offices and keeps you mobile in high-density DECT environments. Switch stations as needed and maintain call quality with a simple gadget that keeps your laptop and headset seamlessly connected.

  • Make your DECT headset mobile
  • Neat, plug-and-play solution, no base station necessary
  • Simple hot desking and remote working
  • Discreet, handy dongle size
  • Rubber casing for dongle




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