The Right Workplace For Everyone with Fujitsu

Fujitsu believes an adaptive enterprise is critical to unlocking success in uncertain times. It enables you to pivot from risk, continuously add value, deliver new customer experiences and improve operational effectiveness.
FUJITSU Work Life Shift builds an adaptive enterprise, accelerating your cost restructuring activities and enabling you to emerge in a more agile & resilient form.

FUJITSU Work Life Shift brings you the opportunity to enhance productivity by freeing your people to focus on creating real value, with no online or offline boundaries, while being part of a new and resilient organizational culture.

The power to do more, anywhere

Technologies and contextual actions can create better, more personalized employee experiences in the workplace environment. One of the most important elements of the future workplace is that it won’t be restricted to a physical office. Employees can be engaged and productive anywhere.

Why there’s room for a new kind of workplace

Technology’s changing everything for organizations. Automation is altering the way they do business. Traditional barriers have gone, thanks to cloud-based platforms, agile development approaches, smart connectivity, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.

The future workplace experience

We can look forward to a future where the workplace offers better experiences. This future workplace will be personal to each individual. However, it will also meet the organization’s needs in areas such as security, integration, mobility and flexibility. It will be able to make clever decisions and reward achievements according to your private and professional contexts. It will also be always available, everywhere. In short, it will make lives easy, intelligent, productive and creative.

The Right Workplace. For Everyone.


These Ultra slim, breathtaking notebooks are your Light and Elegant Travel Companion.

  • Ultra-slim and lightweight Convertible: The very slim and light housing make it very comfortable to carry the device. Thanks to its 360° foldability, it can be immediately turned from a Notebook to a Tablet – and back.
  • Maximum security: Protect your notebook and business data from unauthorized access at all times
  • Excellent connectivity: Be flexible and stay productive in a hyper-connected world

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