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School organizations have recently invested heavily in mobile devices such as tablets and laptops. Typical ‘utensils’ that get a lot of wear and tear during an average school day. With these accessories, you can protect your customers’ valuable investments.

The average classroom has changed dramatically from a few decades ago. In many classes, tablets, iPads and laptops are hardly imaginable. Many lessons are taught using or even using these devices, and they also play a crucial role in the collaboration between students.

The education sector has made substantial investments to keep up with these changes. However, devices such as Chromebooks, Microsoft Surface devices and iPads are expensive. A significant portion of the IT budget is often spent on them.

Much to endure

However, these investments are under constant pressure. The devices are taken home, put away in school bags, fall off desks and regularly change users. Sometimes the contents of a drinking cup end up on top of the keyboard or monitor. In short: the devices are not only used intensively, but also put up with a lot. The risk of premature failure or damage is high.

School organizations will want to protect their investments against these risks. As an IT partner, you can provide several solutions that protect these investments and can significantly increase the lifespan of the expensive devices. We list the most important ones:

  1. Laptop backpacks

A sturdy backpack is part of the standard arsenal of many teachers and students. These backpacks are also used for transporting laptops and tablets. However, regular backpacks do not sufficiently protect mobile devices.

A good laptop backpack offers not only an appropriate construction but also more than enough sturdiness. This is necessary, because backpacks also have to endure a lot during an average school day. Students take the bags with them outside and in the public transport system, where they are often packed closely together. A bag must be sufficiently sturdy to prevent pressure and blows to the device.

Supplier Targus offers a wide range of backpacks that are specially equipped to carry laptops and tablets. They have special compartments for this purpose, and are reinforced at tactical points to absorb shocks and blows.

There are many different models available, from lightweight bags to elaborate backpacks. Comfort is an important feature in all versions. The bags can be branded with a school logo if necessary. They are also available in a variety of sizes, making them suitable for transporting 10-inch to 17-inch laptops. Furthermore, Targus offers a choice of carrying systems and, for example, the presence of additional zippered pockets and an attachment for transporting a water bottle.

A good laptop backpack is for example the Targus CityGear 15-17.3″ Laptop Backpack. This bag features the special Dome Protection System, a multi-layer protection system that cushions shocks and blows. The bag features zippered mesh pockets so that what is inside is immediately visible. Despite the ample storage options, the bag has a slim, stylish and professional design.

  1. Hard cases for laptops

Even at home and in the classroom, laptops are exposed to all kinds of risks. Without taking extra measures, they can’t always withstand the shocks and blows they are subjected to. A hard case is therefore a valuable addition. It reduces the risk of damage from both regular use and incidents.

Targus hard cases are very effective in reducing the risks of damage. They protect the precious devices in the event of a fall, for example. Despite the sturdy construction of polycarbonate and TPU, the cases have a slim design and add few grams to the scale. This keeps laptops easily portable and they fit in their laptop backpacks even with a case.

The cases are designed to provide maximum protection while minimizing disruption to the laptops. They have special cutouts so that the ventilation is not disturbed. They also have a rubber surface on the bottom to reduce the risk of damage from a fall or impact. They are available for a wide range of laptops and Chromebooks.

  1. Laptop bags

A laptop bag is a good option when not carrying too much besides a laptop. They are usually lighter and more compact than a full backpack, and are worn around the shoulder. Targus offers the 15.6″ Cypress Briefcase with EcoSmart as an environmentally friendly option. This laptop bag consists of a fabric woven from 20 recycled plastic water bottles. The bag features two main compartments and a pocket for quick and easy storage of small items. The model is portable in multiple ways, because in addition to a shoulder strap, a handle is also present, as well as a trolley strap for attaching to luggage.

  1. Laptop sleeves

Even in a backpack, laptops can still be damaged, for example when they rest against other objects. In addition, in some situations a laptop bag is just ’too much of a good thing’. For these reasons laptop sleeves are recommended as an extra means of protection.

Targus delivers close-fitting sleeves that provide an extra layer of protection without compromising mobility.  They are available in multiple colors and with possible extra storage options. The latter allows for the transportation of additional teaching materials or pens. For particularly rough conditions, versions with special reinforcement are available.

A useful sleeve is for example the Targus Work-in Essentials Case for Chromebook. This model is halfway between a laptop bag and a sleeve. Thanks to elastic bands in the corners, you can leave your Chromebook in the case while you use it. The soft lining on the inside prevents scratches and other damage. The case features a sturdy handle and a detachable shoulder strap. A large storage compartment easily accommodates everyday essentials. Thanks to an ID slot on the outside, teachers can easily see who the device belongs to.

  1. Tablet cases

Another product category that gets a lot of handling during an average school day is the tablet. Both the transport from home to school as well as the use in the classroom creates the necessary risks. Tablets are utensils par excellence that do not always ‘rest’ relatively safely on a desk. Careless children’s hands and accidents can (literally) destroy the investment in one fell swoop.

A tablet case is therefore no superfluous luxury, and increases the chances of a longer life for these devices considerably. It is important that a case does not add too much weight and clumsiness, because the practical and mobile nature are the strengths of this device. In addition, a case must be suitable for the use of the tablet in both portrait and landscape orientation, both on the desk and in the hand.

For both iPads and Android tablets, Targus supplies a wide range of cases. Here too, the supplier offers a choice of lighter weight or extra sturdiness. The functionality remains intact thanks to cleverly placed cutouts.

A good example of a tablet case is the Safeport Rugged Case for iPad. This case is made of robust TPU and protects iPads of the 7th and 8th generation during daily use. The case offers military drop protection up to 1.2 meters. The ports remain free of dust thanks to special dust filters. Thanks to cutouts at the speakers and microphone, the sound quality remains intact. The case comes with an integrated stylus holder and an integrated sliding stand for landscape viewing and typing positions. An optional detachable hand strap and shoulder strap are also available.

Hygiene important consideration

Mobile devices are typically used by more than one student or teacher. Therefore, attention to hygiene on these devices is important. Moreover, this attention has increased significantly recently for obvious reasons.

Targus carries a special line of cases and backpacks in which that hygiene is top priority. The accessories have a special coating that prevents microorganisms from adhering to the device. Thus, these accessories prevent mobile devices from unintentionally playing a role in the spread of pathogens. In this way, the accessories also contribute to reducing absenteeism and the cancellation of lessons.

More information?

Would you like to know more about how to optimally protect the mobile devices within the school organizations of your customers? Please feel free to contact us, we would love to talk to you.


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